Celebrate Tanner Smith’s 4th Anniversary with Craft Cocktails and Late-Night Bites

Dive into Prohibition-era NYC at Tanner Smith’s in Hell’s Kitchen. Although this bar and restaurant is turning four in 2019, the atmosphere takes visitors back in time with lush period details throughout the two-story space. Enjoy a singular craft cocktail in these interiors inspired by early 20th century speakeasies. Find crystal chandeliers, smoky cocktails, gastropub fare, live jazz, and a few taxidermied animals for good measure at Tanner Smith’s. Come for dinner, dancing, and Tipsy Tea brunch at this popular West Side spot!

Tanner Smith's

Tanner Smith’s NYC: History

The bar is named for Thomas F. “Tanner” Smith (1887-1919), a New York City gangster from the Prohibition era. Smith, a leader of the Marginal gang, helped open underground bars like the Winona Club and the Marginal Club. He also started several boys’ clubs that gave back to his community. In July 1919, Smith was playing cards at his speakeasy, the Marginal Club, when a masked man entered and shot him in the back. The bar owners seek to honor Smith’s legacy of bringing revelry and charity to the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. Craft cocktails on the menu are inspired by Smith’s story, with names like The Billy Club, Paddy the Priest, and Pearl Button, the name of a gang affiliated with the Marginals.

Tanner Smith’s NYC: Drinks

tanner smith server

It’s all about the cocktails on both floors of Tanner Smith’s. Come to the main dining room or the Hudson Room downstairs for an after-work treat, a pre- or post-show drink, or a fun night out on the weekend. The extensive cocktail, wine, and beer menu contains seasonal cocktails, helpful and playful notes, and deep-cut craft beers. The centerpiece is the cocktail menu ranging from “Light & Sweet” to “Packs a Punch!” There’s also a matcha and gin concoction that serves four called Always Look Back. The Winona is Tanner Smith’s signature cocktail, made with bourbon, bitters, maple extract, and hickory and oak wood smoke infusion. It can be made for one visitor or a group of four. The smoke (and bartenders in vests) give your experience at Tanner Smith’s a theatrical flair! Not to mention, the cocktails are scrumptious.

Tanner Smith’s NYC: Brunch

Tanner Smith’s Tipsy Tea Brunch keeps weekenders as dizzy and delighted as Alice in Wonderland. A charming floral teapot full of craft cocktails is only $40, and you can listen to live swing music while you drink. Come every Saturday and Sunday, 11:30am-2:30pm.

Brunch fare includes “Feed Your Hangover” options like the popular New York Style Poutine: fries, fried egg, gravy, and fresh mozzarella served in a cast-iron skillet. Other filling brunch options include flatbread with chorizo, fried eggs, and cheese, jalapeno mac ‘n cheese, and duck hash with Texas toast. Lighter brunch options include Brussels sprout hash and caramelized pear salad.

Tanner Smith’s NYC: Dinner & Late Night

At dinner, find a diverse menu of innovative plates at Tanner Smith’s. You and your crew can indulge in several small plates like duck confit spring rolls, Thai deviled eggs, and sweet potato tots with tamarind ketchup while you drink. Entrees include smoked pulled pork sliders with BBQ aioli, tacos, salads, flatbreads, and a hot chicken sandwich.

During late night, a condensed version of the dinner menu is available. Snack on guac, salsa, and chips, an everything pretzel with IPA cheese dip, flatbreads, burgers, or desserts like sticky toffee pudding.

Weekends, Tanner Smith’s also brings in DJs to liven up the night. The bar is open until 4am, seven nights a week.

tanner smith's midtown interior

Tanner Smith’s is located at 204 W. 55th St., btw. Seventh Ave. & Broadway. Call 646-590-2034 or visit for more information.

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