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Mean Girls

Jun 05 Through Jun 05 | Tue |
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Mean Girl Broadway Musical

If you didn’t see Mean Girl back in the 2000s, then you probably didn’t have that great of a childhood. Most people might call it a chick flick, but in our opinion, it is one of the greatest teen movies of our generation. The people were in awe over our little mathematician. Oh, and it’s not just our opinion, the movie was showered with more awards then we can count. But, the story just keeps getting better. After her incredible movie, Tina Fey didn’t just stop there. She has far greater and extravagant plans for the Mean Girls Franchise.

You'd like to know if Tina Fey can write a musical. The oh-so-not-surprising answer is... yes!

– Peter Marks, The Washington Post

We sometimes feel that our childhood is coming to life with musicals. First, it was Bring it On, then Heathers with several others in development. But, the musical for Mean Girls is already here.

The Mean Girls Musical is a masterpiece from the great Fey. It’s based on her book and the movie of the same name. The musical was under construction since 2013. But, it was a moment of joy for every fan when it was announced on “Mean Girls Day” that their favorite movie was coming to theatres as a musical. It would finally premier in October, 2017 at the National Theatre in the nation’s capital. The carried on everyday will till 3rd of December. The musical was expected to wow the audience but, it would be a huge understatement to say that the audience fell in love with it. The musical is expected to debut on Broadway in April of 2018.

The People Behind the Curtains

As mentioned earlier, Tina Fey is the brain behind this project. The play is based on her movie as well as her book. The musical was a long time coming. The crew was working on it for about four years prior to its release and the wait was quite worth it. Other than Fey, there are several other people that contributed a lot to the development of the musical. We’ll pay them our respect below:

Venue: August-Wilson Theatre

245 W 52nd Street Map