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Animal Kingdom with Sander Kleinenberg

Jun 15 Through Jun 16 | Sat | 10PM – 4AM | $35
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You are invited to the grandest gathering of every beast of beauty of the Animal Kingdom. Species of spectacular power and poise, Kings and Queens of Jungles, Oceans and Deserts shall converge on this night to celebrate in royal union with ferocious force in a wild bacchanal of beats and brilliance. Come as your power animal, your spirit animal, your curious creature, your wild beast of wonder. : : : LOOKS : : : WEAR YOUR WILD. Only Animals shall be granted access to the Kingdom. No Humans, please. They are dangerous and boring! Birds of Beauty, Snakes and Serpents, Cats and Koalas, Reptiles and Racoons, Pandas and Pigs, Amorphous Amphibians, Inventive Invertebrates, Fancy Fish, Queen Bees and Baboons, Crazy Crustaceans, Butterflies and Beetles and every creature in the ecosystem. : : : MUSIC : : :

Venue: House of Yes

2 Wyckoff Ave Map