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Lamano NYC

688 10th Ave. (48 St.)

An intimate Spanish tapas and wine bar concept. With stellar menus from consulting chef Jose Fuentes, of Madrid’s renowned Kulto restaurant, Lamano offers classics from all regions of Spain alongside tempting modern dishes.

lamano hells kitchen

Among the authentic aspects of Spain you'll find at Lamano is folklore. The restaurant's approach focuses in on the three most important aspects: esotericism, gypsies, and sobretaula (the tradition of relaxing at a table after a heavy meal). Incorporating these elements allows Lamano to be more than the sum of its tapas. Guests will experience a full taste of Spain with an incredible chef at the helm sharing his passion.

Lamano NYC

The mission of Lamano is to immerse people in a culture that will leave them with a love of the drinks, food, and music of Spain. Some nights they will even feel as if they are no longer in New York City. Diners will remember a trip as much as a meal.

This is real food. Made by real manos.

Additional locations in Chelsea: 265 W. 20th St. (Eighth Ave.), 212-741-2398, and the West Village: 39 Christopher St. (Waverly Pl.), 212-243-3200.

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