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Inside Scoop: Gary Dennis

This private tour will completely demystify New York's famous subway system and give you the secret history and inside story of the creation of the original 1904 subway line and how it grew into one of the most extensive transportation systems in the world. All the art, all the history, all the technical breakthroughs, all the "whys," and all the shenanigans that went into this spectacular achievement. This is a unique experience for visitors and locals alike. The tour is approximately 2.5-hours.

From Your Guide: Gary Dennis

It's right there under your feet, you probably ride it every day, but how much do you know about this city's subway system? Hear the history and inside story of the creation of the original 1904 subway line, and how it grew into the most extensive transportation system in the world. A closer look at the art, architecture, and secrets hiding in plain sight of stations including Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, Astor Place, and Times Square. A glimpse of Old City Hall Station from the 6 train, the crown jewel of the subway system, which closed in 1945. This tour only goes into areas of the subway that are open to the public. We do not trespass or enter the tracks, we do not go anywhere that is closed to the public.

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