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On a Haunted Manhattan tour, a secret underworld of ghosts and ghouls reveals itself as you’re guided through the streets of Greenwich Village by entertaining, creepy characters who are experts on New York City’s outrageously spooky afterlife. From the ghost train at the Astor Place subway stop, to dead poets at the White Horse Tavern, you’ll see the landmarks that make up the heart of this city—and hear the stories of the spirits that call them home.

A historical, hilarious, and completely hair-raising experience, Haunted Manhattan will show you the greatest city there is, like you’ve never seen it before.

Start your walking tour in New York City’s East Village, West Village, or Greenwich Village. Each trip visits 13 exciting locations.

From Your Guide: Haunted Manhattan

In the East Village, there’s Frankie, a bartender who’s used to dealing with patrons who just don’t want to heed Last Call. She's pouring round after round of spooky stories, about haunted bars (naturally), speakeasies with both kinds of spirits, and even a diabolical dentist...In the West Village, the Mad Poet will acquaint you with the Bohemian enclave's more macabre denizens, including the dastardly U.S. Vice President and assassin Aaron Burr (sir), a restless spirit yearning for peace, and poet Dylan Thomas, who may still be a barfly at his favorite haunt, over 50 years after his death... And, of course, no one knows more about Greenwich Village than Professor Mortimer, who lectures on the multitude of spirits that inhabit Washington Square, great men of letters like Mark Twain and Edgar Allan Poe who may still roam the Village, as well as the true stories of "The House of Death."

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