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Inside Scoop: Going on a Tour with Walk About New York

At Walk About New York, you will find entertaining walking tours that will take you to some of New York City’s best-known areas, as well as some of its least known corners. Connections are made between the sights and historic people through stories, tales, and trivia, helping to create a richly textured picture of the City That Never Sleeps.

From Your Guide: Walk About New York

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Choose from a list of tours: the Greenwich Village Walking Tour, New York’s most storied neighborhood; the Central Park Walking Tour, New York’s oasis for playing or relaxing; the Downtown Manhattan Walking Tour, where New York began; the Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour, an Art Deco lover’s delight; the Five Squares and a Circle Tour, a unique look at the city through its major squares and its best-known roundabout; the Gay Village Walking Tour, where the modern gay rights movement began and continues; the Gay Village Bar Crawl, the importance of bar culture in gay life and we drink!

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Visiting New York in cold weather? There's even a tour for lower temperatures: the Subway Art Tours survey the public art at 44 subway stations along five separate train routes!

Our Subway Art Tours will help you discover the art museum at the core of the Big Apple. We have five different tour routes—Subway Art Tours 1, 2, 3, & 4, and the Second Avenue Subway Art Tour—that survey world-class art at 44 different subway stations. These works of art surround harried commuters daily, yet they go unnoticed! Discover New York City sights that few people see. We shall take our time to explore and appreciate. Step aboard for an eye-opening ride!

Or design your own Specialty Tour. Where you would you like to go? Will it be Fort Tryon Park, with views of the NJ Palisades, and a visit to The Cloisters?; or the grounds of the 1964 World’s Fair, with the wonderful Unisphere?

I look forward to sharing the Big Apple’s fascinating history, its quirky characters, and its world-class sights with you. If you are a visitor or a local, let me show you why I love New York. You will love it too!

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