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Tap your feet, snap, clap, and move with STOMP, a signature New York City show. STOMP is a show made almost entirely with movement and everyday props, and it will have you bobbing your head along with the performers as they make rhythms in fascinating ways, from drumming on inner tubes to tearing newspaper to riding grocery carts to snapping lighters. The show has been running over 25 years in New York, and for good reason: it’s fun, family-friendly, interactive, and just the right amount of wild.

Stomp The Performers

Bring your family or group of friends to the East Village’s Orpheum Theatre, where the STOMP troupe performs eight shows per week. The show is a non-stop series of dances that utilize a range of props to make a variety of percussive sounds, all with distinct and memorable rhythms. The performers climb the set behind them, play with plastic bags, sweep brooms, and, of course, stomp. These props serve as the musical accompaniment to their dances, which are intricate, high-intensity, and at times funny as well. There’s never a dull moment!

To the delight of kids and adults alike, the performers will often cue the audience with instructions to clap, stomp, or snap, interacting with whatever movements are occurring onstage. Kids will laugh and clap throughout as they watch performers play with the props; you can even take the performance with you and make similar music with your child at home!


STOMP was created by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas and premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1991. It came to the Orpheum in New York in 1994, where it has been performed continuously ever since. STOMP has also been performed in Las Vegas, at the Oscars, for an HBO special broadcast, and it tours in venues throughout the U.S. and the world. What makes STOMP unique is that there’s no dialogue, nor a story to follow—just a celebration of the rhythm found in seemingly mundane objects and in the human body.

STOMP in NYC offers a few fantastic deals for prospective audience members! First, if you buy four tickets, you only pay for three with their Me+3 4-Pack Offer. Second, groups of ten or more can purchase tickets for as low as $49 each. Third, STOMP ‘n Dine offers you and your group discounts on food and drink in the East Village when you present your tickets. Restaurants included in this partnership are Cuban Bistro and Virage, among others.

Premium tickets include prime seating at the front of the house for the best, most kid-friendly view. Closer seating will especially help with dances like the Zippo lighter routine and the newspaper gags, which are a little more subtle than the others and more dazzling with up-close details in view.

You can see STOMP every night of the week but Monday, and at matinees each Saturday and Sunday. Children are encouraged to attend (and each must have a ticket), but no kids under age 4 will be admitted. The show lasts an hour and 45 minutes with no intermission.

The Orpheum Theatre is located at 126 Second Ave. Visit the theater, call 800-982-2787, or visit for tickets.

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