How to Live Your American Dream in New York City

Everyone says it, New York is not the United States. New York is a place unlike any other, even within its own country. We love this city for a multitude of things, its iconic monuments, its varied neighborhoods, its rich museums, its crowded streets…Do you dream of living in New York? The course is strewn with pitfalls, but nothing is impossible! Here's everything you need to know to live your American Dream in New York City.

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Be Ready to Have Fun and Multiply the Activities

New Yorkers love to go out and do more. After work, New Yorkers often go to an afterwork drink with colleagues or they go out to eat. The city has nearly 25 000 restaurants, and it seems that the goal of the New Yorker is to have them all tested at least once! It is estimated that New Yorkers eat out more than 5 times a week on average. On weekends, from Thursday evening to Saturday evening, concerts are plentiful, while cocktail bars and rooftops fill up in record time. New York more than deserves its nickname of the city that never sleeps. Of course the occasional downtime is required. For that, New Yorkers can turn to an available Nj online casino at

Learn English to Perfection

Although there is no official language in the United States, English is obviously the most widely used language. In cosmopolitan New York, nearly 800 languages ​​are spoken every day, and only 51% of New Yorkers speak only English at home. It is therefore preferable to have some notions of English before settling in New York. It will be difficult to find a job without mastering the language anyway. Either way, once you get here, you will find that you will make progress very quickly if you take the trouble to practice.

Forge Real Bonds of Friendship

There are so many residents and visitors in New York that it is not difficult to meet people. However, it is less easy to make true friends, going beyond a pleasant but shallow conversation. Work or, if applicable, college are the easiest and most natural places to make friends. Otherwise, roommates are a great way to build lasting bonds with Americans or internationals. If you practice a sport or artistic activity, you also could meet people who share the same interests as you.

Dare to Date!

Dating in New York is very popular. It is something that takes place in stages and that lacks a little spontaneity in the eyes of Europeans. If, after several dates, things continue to go well between the two partners, a conversation usually takes place, to formalize the relationship and become "exclusive," no longer dating other people, which was previously allowed! For singles, know that in New York, dating apps such as Tinder are very popular. There are even variations that are aimed at more specific niches, such as JSwipe for the Jewish community, or Grindr for the gay community.

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