Is It Worth It...To Visit Immersive Art Center Inter_?

Discover why a visit to NYC's Inter_ in NYC is an artful adventure blending innovative design and immersive technology.


There’s never a shortage of things to do and places to visit in New York City, but it’s always exciting when yet another innovative idea for an unusual experience appears on the scene. In May of 2023, INTER_ opened the doors to its interactive exhibit located in SoHo and has been successfully presenting exhibits with innovative themes ever since. The team of spiritually aligned artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs came together and created something that’s much more than your museum stroll: it’s a multi-sensory and interactive experience designed to take you away from the bustle of New York City and into a world of its own. Read on to discover what it's like to visit this unique and eye-popping space.

A Perfect Place for Pictures

Shortly after it opened, I started to come across many photos on social media from friends and strangers who had attended the exhibit, and my first impression was that every backdrop looked so colorful and vibrant! After going there myself, I can say that it boasts plenty of vibrantly-colored settings. Every space is designed with a heavy emphasis on visuals and aesthetics, and this is enhanced greatly when looking through the 3D glasses they hand you at the start. It’s the perfect place to take some photos for your next few Instagram posts, if that’s your cup of tea. There’s also a photo booth inside the exhibit where you can take a “moving picture” and email it to yourself. 


A Journey of Exploration


There is a waiting room inside with beanbags where a short introductory film is played. It serves as a good way to separate the outside world with the journey the visitors are about to go on. There’s a very introspective and futuristic feeling to the set up, which is further amplified by the first space we’re led into. You’re surrounded by a 360 degree interactive video that describes the existing world around you. The video zooms out to create a more observational perspective about earth, and space, and its elements. It then dives into a much closer look into the little details that often go unnoticed. At first I felt like I was waiting to be told what to do and where to go, but gradually, everyone loosened up and started to move around the space in a much freer fashion. It felt like I was being told that it’s okay to simply explore the surrounding space in my own way and at my own pace.


A Place to Reflect

Inter_ can be taken as a total escape amid fun, colorful spaces to explore, but it can also be a more self-reflective and introspective experience. As I made my way through each space, I found my senses sharpening and I started to notice more details in my surroundings. There’s a small corridor with a liquid chalk pen, and you can read the messages written by the previous visitors, as well as add your own. There’s also a meditation room where you can comfortably sit and listen to the sound vibrations with your eyes closed. To truly make the most of this experience, I realized I needed to leave all of my thoughts and worries about the outside world at the entrance, and take a childlike explorative sense of curiosity into the exhibit.


Convenient and Family-Friendly

The space only allows a small group to enter in each time slot. This is to ensure that it does not get too crowded inside each section of the exhibit. I would highly recommend arriving a little before the time slot on your ticket, but not too early or you’ll be waiting outside for a while! Once I was let in, they scanned my ticket and showed me to the lockers which are available for free right next to the entrance. You can put your bags, big puffy coats, and any drinks in there. There are also a couple restrooms available for visitors to use. Going around the full exhibit took me around an hour, so I would recommend popping by the restroom before starting, especially if you have children with you. It’s worth mentioning that even though the experience is family-friendly and recommended for ages four and up, it may not be the best place for children who are on the younger side. Since a lot of the spaces are very dark and there are two sets of escalators, the little ones are more likely to trip up, and it may be hard to find them if they run off!


After visiting, I understood why INTER_ has become a standout spot in New York City's cultural landscape. Through a blend of artistry, technology, and spirituality, the exhibit offers visitors a multi-sensory journey that transcends the ordinary and transports you into a realm of vibrant colors and sensations. Whether you're seeking a picturesque backdrop for your Instagram feed, a moment of introspection amid the bustling city, or a family-friendly adventure, INTER_ provides an unforgettable escape that captivates the senses and sparks the imagination.



How to get there

Address: 415 Broadway, New York, NY 10013.

Cross streets: On the corner of Canal St and Broadway, with the entrance on Canal St.

Subway directions: N/Q/R/W or 6  to Canal St. Walk West on Canal St for 3 minutes. 


When to go

Opening times:

Monday: 1PM - 8PM

Tuesday: 1PM - 8PM

Wednesday: 1PM - 8PM

Thursday: 1PM - 10PM

Friday: 1PM - 10PM

Saturday: 10AM - 10PM

Sunday: 10AM - 8PM


Busiest times are from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

Hours are subject to change. Please see the website for the most updated hours.


Ticket Prices

Adult (Ages 13+ ) - $44.09 each

Child (Ages 4 - 12) - $38.58 each


What’s nearby

To eat:

A quick bite: Black Burger, Joe's Steam Rice Roll, Taiyaki NYC

Lunch/Dinner: NOMO Kitchen, La Mercerie, Au Cheval


To do:


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About the Author

Katusha Jin is a journalist and filmmaker based in New York City. Since first moving to the U.S. in 2014, she has spent time working in New York and Hong Kong on numerous independent projects, and has experience in the advertising industry. She graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts majoring in Film and Television, and has a master's degree in Journalism from the University of Hong Kong.

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