Save Up to $10 on THE RIDE and THE TOUR

Both THE TOUR and THE RIDE are the premiere sightseeing tours of New York. They are both a journey through New York’s greatest landmarks in an unprecedented theater-like viewing. These vehicles are long way from your grandfather’s double-decker bus. However, each has distinct qualities that give a slightly different, yet still riveting, experience.

THE RIDE is 75-minute journey that takes the rider through Times Square and Manhattan where the most famous landmarks are shown to you in an unparalleled way. Not your ordinary bus, they feature floor-to-ceiling glass windows, 40 monitors, 3000 LED lights, & surround sound. What makes the tour even more grand is that there is a full ensemble of singers, dancers, musicians, actors, and comedians waiting for you at each landmark to captivate and entertain. Dubbed “the world’s only moving theater” THE RIDE is a journey you will want to take over and over.  Right now, you can save $10 when you use a special code to order tickets online.

THE TOUR is a little bit different. While it still retains THE RIDE’s multi-million dollar customer motor coach, with all the LED lights and plasma TV screens you would expect from this premium experience, it is slightly more of a traditional tour. A 90-minute immersive ride through Midtown and the Upper West Side, THE TOUR goes through many of New York City’s hottest tourist attractions including Times Square and the Empire State Building. The rich history, iconic present, and future of New York will be presented with advanced audio and visual technology.



THE RIDE is currently located at 234 W. 42nd St. Call 646-289-5060 or visit for more information.

THE TOUR is currently located at 234 W. 42nd St. Call 866-811-4111 or visit for more information.

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