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Hobolux Pop-Up Shop

Dec 14 | Sat |

Due to the coronavirus, please call to ensure this event is still happening before you leave home.

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New York City, (December 11, 2019) - From her own pain and vulnerability, Maddie Munson, founded lifestyle brand: Hobolux. Hobolux is a brand driven by boldness, authenticity and self-expression. This brand tells Munson’s story - from stranger encounters to relationships, she’s going to give you a glimpse into the madness of her world, and you may absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it.

Maddie Munson, created her inspirational lifestyle brand to propel the idea of self-love with unapologetic behavior, shutting down the negative stigma around showing emotion. Some may call it disruptive; but she calls it confidence. One thing we all can agree on: Munson will without a doubt, always speaks her mind and shares her feelings – whether we ask for it or not.

Through her adolescent years, Munson was constantly bullied about her appearance and energetic personality – two things she could never change. She remembers having little to no self-confidence due ongoing incidents that caused emotional pain she will never forget. “I don’t want anyone to go through the hell that I had to go through. I just kind of ‘woke up’ one day, at 16, and told myself: Come on Maddie, start loving the hell out of you or no one else will! Be confident and do whatever you want.” One of her mantras from that moment is “Ask for forgiveness, never ask for permission.” Her “take shit from no one” attitude has always propelled her into the spotlight.

Munson’s one message to send to the world: Embrace, and I mean truly, embrace your authentic self, work hard, never give up. Do these three things, and your dreams will transform into reality.

Hobolux is a perfect blend of fashion and comfort. Munson uses her special dye technique to achieve perfect spiral and splotch patterns on each acid wash piece, no two are the same. Her favorite and best-selling product is the “Munszy Set” which includes an acid wash hoodie paired with a matching pant, available in black or maroon.

In March 2019, Munson produced her first solo fashion show at the Brooklyn Bazaar. After the success of her show, she decided to launch her website, She dropped her first collection on Halloween, because Halloween “truly embodies the Hobolux spirit.” Munson has been applauded and criticized by many about her bold statements on her streetwear. Often, the topic of discussion comes up on dates. One man says “Maddie, I’m not going to be one of those fuckboys you write on shirts about!” Munson laughs, “the choice is yours” while she winks and smirks.

Check out the Hobolux Pop-up in Soho this Saturday, December 14th. There will be limited edition, one of a kind hand painted jackets available for purchase. As well as free drinks, live music, raffles, and free giveaways to the first 100 guests. if you aren’t able to make it, you can buy Hobolux apparel at

Venue: ScrapYard NYC

300 West Broadway Map