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Carmel Car & Limousine Service

212-666-6666, 800-9-CARMEL

Inside Scoop: Carmel Car & Limousine Service

Recognized as among the best by NYC hotel concierges, and trusted by New Yorkers and tourists for over 40 years, Carmel provides private, affordable, and reliable 24/7 transportation.

Many size vehicles to choose from, plus worldwide service, a state of the art dispatch system, and affordable rates including LaGuardia $34, JFK $52, Newark $51, or $40 per hour in the city.

Carmel Car & Limousine Service is New York City's premiere limousine service, featuring lavishly equipped limousines with TVs, sunroofs, and privacy partitions, driven by the city's most knowledgeable chauffeurs. Guests receive the ultimate in gracious and attentive service, making this perfect transportation to the airport, theater, and dining.

Users can reserve a limousine ahead of time, or use the Carmel Car & Limousine Service phone application to call a car whenever needed. Efficiency is key at Carmel Car & Limousine Service, and with dispatchers constantly in contact with drivers, communication is never lagging between customers and the car they've ordered.

Carmel also features late-model town cars at a great value.

Carmel Car & Limousine Service Photos

A Carmel Car & Limousine Service vehicle driving towards the Empire State Building.

The beautiful leather interior of a Carmel Car & Limousine Service vehicle.

A chaffeur opening the door of a Carmel Car & Limousine Service vehicle.

Carmel Car & Limousine Service Video

Watch this video to learn more about Carmel Car & Limousine Service's phone application. 

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