Remembering 9/11, TKTS, and Other NYC Tourism News

It's been a little more than a week since the city's tourism industry gathered for the "NYC Tourism Is Back, Start Spreading Your News" cocktail reception and we are still feeling the inspiration. There is no substitute for being together, and for the creative energy churned up by a collaborative spirit. Once again we thank our fantastic hosts at One World Observatory and the 30-plus sponsors who enabled us to get together and provide charitable contributions to New Yorkers in need.

To see your friends at the event, check out our video slide show. We've also got the photos posted to an album on the NYC Tourism Industry Professionals (NYC TIP)—if you're not a member yet, now's a great opportunity to join.

Although the Delta variant's impact on the economy is drawing most of the headlines, it's worth noting the good news for New York that's out there as well. The city will not be competing with European destinations in light of new international restrictions. On the domestic front, the number one fall destination for Airbnb searchers? That would be New York City. NYC will be ready to greet these visitors—many coming for longer stretches than usual—as reopening news continues to post:

Twenty years ago New York City suffered terrible losses in the September 11 attacks. We have listed highlights of the city's commemorative events below. Along with NYC institutions, City Guide remembers the lives of the victims, the strength of their families, and the sacrifices of first responders, recovery workers, and volunteers. Many of us questioned what kind of city would come back in the wake of so much destruction. As we remember this solemn anniversary, we should also keep in mind the outpouring of support NYC received, and the exponential growth of the city as a tourism destination in the years since. Although we are again facing challenges, we have another chance to show the world New York City's extraordinary resilience.

windows of the wedding basketball court

Faith Ringgold, Windows of the Wedding #1: Woman; St. Nicholas Park, Manhattan. Image courtesy of Project Backboard.






City Guide's Everything To Do NYC Facebook Group brings together more than 50,000 tourists and city superfans interacting on what's happening right now in NYC. You can get a clear picture of traveler concerns here—recent posts looked for guidance on subway safety and the city drying out from Ida. As an active group, it's common to see hundreds of responses to a post, like this recent one about how to save money as a visitor:

You all are so helpful! So another question. We are ballin on a budget LOL, everything costs $40 a person it seems for everything in NYC. What activities or places are free? I’ve been reaching out and learned the Edge will give you $10 off of you pay with a Visa, also certain times at different museums are free... give me more ideas, is the Statue of Liberty free? Are any of the tall sightseeing buildings free? Coney Island?

There are hundreds of suggestions here, touching on The High Line, Chelsea Market, Central Park, Grand Central, the Staten Island Ferry, Brooklyn Bridge, Domino Park, San Gennaro, and dozens more. (There was also some controversy on the ethics and efficacy of Groupon.) ETD is a great way to take the pulse of city travel and to market your venue. If you're not a member yet, join us!

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