14 Must-Try Hot Chocolates in New York City

Winter is hot chocolate's time to shine and New York is full of creative ways to get your cocoa on. From artisanal marshmallows to cocktail versions, check out our picks for 14 can't miss hot chocolate spots in New York City. January 31st is National Hot Chocolate Day!

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: Midtown

Zibetto Espresso Bar

When making any list for top drinks of any kind, Zibetto Espresso Bar has to be included. Their chocolate creation “Cioccolata Calda" (hot chocolate in Italian) is smooth and delicious and a winter drink to remember. 1221 Sixth Ave., 212-332-2648,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: SoHo


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What makes the hot chocolate at Dominique Ansel is not the liquid: it's the marshmallow topping. Once placed in the hot chocolate, it blooms to reveal a flower shape. Totally Instagram-worthy! 189 Spring St., 212-219-2773,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: SoHo

mariebelle hot chocolate

If you're a fan of MarieBelle’s chocolate creations then you will love their hot chocolate. It's the perfect rich chocolate bar substitute that's just right for a cold New York winter night. Enjoy this luxurious drink at their SoHo location. MarieBelle's hot chocolate makes a spectacular gift, too; check online for creative varieties like Aztec, matcha, white chocolate & vanilla, and "Jefferson’s favorite," made with Honduran cacao mass. 484 Broome St., 212-925-6999,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: East Village

More of a sweet fan than a decadent one? We have a hot chocolate perfect for you! At Squish Marshmallow enjoy hot (or frozen) hot chocolate where the marshmallow in the center is the star of the show. If sweet, gooey, home-made marshmallows are your thing you won't want to miss this! 120 St. Marks Pl., 646-896-1667,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: Little Italy

caffe palermo coffee little italy

In addition to great Italian coffees, you can find a mean hot chocolate at Caffe Palermo, one of Little Italy’s best bakeries. While you’re there you might as well grab a cannoli too, because that's a combination that's pretty impossible to beat. 148 Mulberry St., 212-431-4205,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: Union Square

If you want your chocolaty goodness to be more of a dessert than just a drink then Max Brenner has you covered. Order their "hug in a mug" (the special mug they use is meant to be held with both hands). We recommend their new menu item, the Belgian, which is hot chocolate served with a crisp Belgian caramelized biscuit. If you're looking to go lighter than that, their Original Chocolate—classic hot chocolate with whipped cream—is the way to go. 841 Broadway, 646-467-8803,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: Chelsea

For a celebration in a cup head over to The City Bakery for their Annual Hot Chocolate Festival. It starts on Friday, February 1st, where all 28 days have a unique flavor assigned (February 16th is coconut-rum hot chocolate), but why wait until then to try their delicious treat. Each cup is served with a gigantic marshmallow that is simply out-of-this-world. 3 W. 18th St., 212-366-1414,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: Upper East Side 

For a break from overly sweet drinks try the "Cioccolata Calda" at Sant Ambroeus. Their hot chocolate is made using a semi-sweet variant, so it's never overbearing. It also pairs perfectly with all the pastry on the menu—we suggest a financier. 540 Park Ave., 212-339-4051,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: Lower East Side

Cocoa Bar is turning hot chocolate into a cocktail this winter. Stop in and try their French hot chocolate drink, or for a less-adult treat, opt for their signature hot chocolate made from pieces of artisanal chocolate melted down into steamed milk. Cocoa Bar has seven flavors to choose from (dark, white, mint, cinnamon, spicy, ginger, or mint chocolate) so you can try a new one each day of the week. Ask for banana or coconut flavor to make it a "Funky Monkey." 21 Clinton St., 212-677-7417,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: Brooklyn

You've heard of root beer floats, now get ready for hot chocolate floats. Featuring The Chocolate Room's classic dark hot chocolate, it's served with your choice of ice cream, which includes flavors like Madagascar vanilla, Belgian chocolate, fresh mint chip, Sumatran coffee, fresh strawberry, fresh banana, salted caramel, and chocolate sorbet. We suggest adding their salted caramel scoop for a perfectly blended flavor pair. 269 Court St., 718-246-2600,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: Little Italy

You might not be expecting to get quality hot chocolate from an ice cream boutique, but that's what you'll get at 10Below. They'll craft, right in front of your eyes, their signature rolled ice cream and then pour their silky hot chocolate mixture all over it. This is the perfect winter Instagram post. 10 Mott St.,

Where to get Hot Chocolate in NYC: Nolita

Experience French hot chocolate or "Chocolat Chaud" at Cafe Gitane. This European- style uses both milk and heavy cream to achieve the thick, smooth texture hot chocolate fans love. After a sip you'll definitely want more. 242 Mott St., 212-334-9552,

Where to Get Hot Chocolate in NYC: Midtown East

Mr. Chocolate is bringing his world-famous chocolate — in liquid form — at his Midtown location. Enjoy a delicious frozen hot chocolate that will have you happy all day long. Don't forget to take home the powdered version, so you can experience the flavors again and again in the comfort of your own couch. 110 E. 57th St., 646-852-6624,

Where to get Hot chocolate in NYC: Midtown West

You might not be expecting to get amazing hot chocolate from a rooftop bar, but you'd be surprised at what Dream PHD is putting on their menu. For a limited time—January 31st to February 14th—get their huge spiked hot chocolate (choice of tequila, whiskey, or cognac). This drink serves 22 people and weighs around 20 pounds. You have to see it to believe it (and preorder it at least one day in advance). 210 W. 55th St., 646-756-2044,

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