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The Best Places to Find Antiques in NYC

If you love shopping for antiques, then New York City will feel like a godsend. The amount of collectables, antiques, vintage items, and treasures to be found in this city is immeasurable, and we’ve rounded up the top five places to shop for them below. From outdoor markets to oddity stores, be sure to spend some time shopping at all of these NYC gems.

Best of NYC Antique Shopping: The Demolition Depot (Harlem)

The Demolition Depot is a four-story shop housing vintage home items galore. You’ll find everything here from old school religious objects and terracotta pieces to antique windows and sink basins. The Demolition Depot is a great spot for those looking for something unique to add to their home. Clocks, mirrors, frames, artwork, signs, and furniture… you name it, they’ve got a lot of it. 216 E. 125th St., 212-777-2900,

Best of NYC Antique Shopping: Obscura Antiques and Oddities (East Village)

If you’re searching for antiques and open to checking out some out of the ordinary items, then Obscura Antiques and Oddities is a must. You’ll find all sorts of interesting things within Obscura’s walls, including vintage butterfly cases, full-body frog purses, coffins, and lucite bug marbles. Spend some time perusing Obscura, because you never know what you’ll find. Nobody said antiques couldn’t be weird. 207 Ave A., 212-505-9251, 

Best of NYC Antique Shopping: Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market (Hell’s Kitchen)

Haggle to your heart’s content at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, where you’ll find vintage purses, oriental rugs, handmade pottery, tribal jewelry pieces, authentic fur coats, and antique furniture. Open every weekend from 9am to 5pm, year-round, you can stop by this flea market no matter the month, day, or season. To add to the good vibes, 25% of annual profits are given to the Hell’s Kitchen Foundation. W. 39th St., 212-220-0239, 

Best of NYC Antique Shopping: The Manhattan Art & Antiques Center (Midtown East) 

Wondering where all of Manhattan’s fine art, decoration, and antiques are really hiding? Well there’s definitely a good chunk of them hanging out in The Manhattan Art & Antiques Center. Boasting three floors of treasures, this antique haven both buys and sells vintage items. Whether you’re a collector or just a casual shopper, the collection artwork, jewelry, furniture, and pottery at The Manhattan Art & Antiques Center will certainly impress you. 1050 Second Ave., 212-355-4400,

Best of NYC Antique Shopping: Grand Bazaar NYC (Upper West Side)

Leave it to the Upper West Side to throw one of the greatest, year-round flea markets in New York City. Grand Bazaar NYC occurs every Sunday of the year (moving from being an outdoor market in the summer to an indoor market during the winter), and the collectibles that can be found here are worth the hunt. Antique watches, handmade jewelry, vintage clothes, and limited-edition art are just some of the treasures to be found in this trove. 100 W. 77th St., 212-239-3025,

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