The Hunger Games: The Exhibition Opens

This summer, the odds are in your favor; Katniss Everdeen has arrived in Times Square! The Hunger Games: The Exhibition , the highly anticipated new traveling exhibition based on the $2+ billion movie franchise starring Jennifer Lawrence, based on the books written by Suzanne Collins, is now open. The exhibit, created by Lionsgate in association with Imagine Exhibitions and designed by Thinkwell Group, debuted July 1 at Discovery Times Square and is scheduled to run through Jan. 3, 2016, followed by a world tour.

The Hunger Games follows the adventures of hunter/archer Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a dystopian society called Panem, split into 12 districts; she lives in District 12. She volunteers herself in place of her little sister, as a Tribute, to participate in the brutal, annually televised Hunger Games. The games are organized by Panem’s government, The Capitol.

Fans can get to see up close hundreds of authentic costumes and props, high-tech and hands-on interactives and detailed set recreations.

The exhibit, which begins with an introduction by Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks), is divided into seven galleries including District 12 (the coal-mining district where Katniss and fellow tribute Peeta Mellark hail from-see Everdeen’s home and the Hall of Justice up close); Tribute Train (that Katniss rides and tours the rest of Panem); The Capitol (explore the opulent political headquarters of Panem, run by President Snow, portrayed in the film by Donald Sutherland-here fans can even sit down for an interview with Capitol TV host Caesar Flickerman), Making the Games (visitors can test their knot tying and stunt skills and explore the tech behind the games); District 13 (fans can create their own “propo” film and learn more about life in the underground district). There’s also a Fan Gallery, showcasing real fan artwork from around the world.

In the final section, Katniss’s Journey, the exhibit promises to dazzle aspiring fashion designers, as well as Katniss admirers. Visitors will get to see iconic costumes from the films such as the Girl on Fire dress, the Mockingjay dress and the Mockingjay armor; key artifacts including the Mockingjay pin, and costume designer Cinna’s sketchbook (portrayed in the film by Lenny Kravitz).

“We are thrilled to be the premiere venue for this exciting exhibition,” said James Sanna, President of Discovery Times Square. “The Hunger Games: The Exhibition will provide fans with the rare opportunity to experience firsthand the world of Katniss Everdeen and is a continuation of Discovery Times Square’s mission to connect people to the entertainment properties they love.” Other recent showstopping exhibits at Discovery Times Square include Harry Potter: The Exhibition and Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

"The Hunger Games: The Exhibition offers visitors an unparalleled experience and brings them closer to the world of Panem,” said Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate Senior Vice President of Location Based Entertainment. “Through a dynamic series of interactives, never before seen content, and immersive environments, guests will connect to The Hunger Games in a one-of-kind experience. The application of the film’s science, technology, and real world problem solving also translate to a valuable educational experience that will resonate with school groups and visitors alike.”

Thinkwell is an award-winning, worldwide experience design and production agency specializing in the creation and master planning of theme parks, resorts, museums and expos around the world.

Tickets to the exhibit start at $22.50. Check out the shop afterwards, where there are tons of gift ideas to choose from, mugs, pins, tshirts, sweaters, sweatpants and myriad other items.

Discovery Times Square is New York City’s first large-scale exhibition center, presenting visitors with limited-run, educational and immersive exhibition experiences while exploring the world’s defining cultures, art, history and events.

Catch The Hunger Games: The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square, 226 W. 44th St. (7th-8th Aves.), 866-987-9692, For more information, visit

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