Where to See the Cherry Blossoms in NYC

Cherry blossom trees are a sight worth seeing in the springtime. You can find cherry blossoms all around Manhattan as well as in the surrounding boroughs, and we’ve rounded up the top locations for doing so. 

Best of NYC Cherry Blossoms: Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Brooklyn)

Image: Tais Melillo/Flickr

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is New York City’s best known destination for cherry blossoms thanks to its Cherry Esplanade, where double-flowering trees stand in four long rows. Additionally, Cherry Walk and the Japanese Garden also feature dozens of cherry blossoms during the spring season. The Sakura Matsuri Festival will be held on April 29th and April 30th this year, celebrating the Japanese cultural traditions of cherry blossom season with over 60 events and performances at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. 990 Washington Ave., 718-623-7200,

Best of NYC Cherry Blossoms: Queens Botanical Garden (Queens)

While Queens Botanical Garden isn’t the most well-known of NYC’s botanical gardens, it does attract a large crowd in the spring. You’ll find the Cherry Circle and Four Seasons border to be beautiful no matter the season, but come late April and early May, it’s the cherry trees lining the curved walkway that are stealing the show. Additionally, several of the trees have been “adopted” in honor of loved ones, making Cherry Circle even more special. 43-50 Main St., 718-886-3800,

Best of NYC Cherry Blossoms: Central Park (Manhattan)

Image: Shinya Suzuki/Flickr

Kwanzan Cherry trees (double-petal pink flowers) can be found scattered amongst Manhattan’s sprawling Central Park, including on the west side of the Reservoir, on East Green, west of the Met Museum, at East 83rd and East 84th Streets, on East Dr. at 74th St, at Bethesda Terrace, across from the Loeb Boathouse, and at the corner of the Great Lawn. Additionally, Yoshino Cherry trees (white-petal flowers) can be found on the east side of the Reservoir, Lilac Walk, Conservatory Water, the Ramble, Delacorte Theater, and at the corner of the Great Lawn. 14 E. Central Park, 212-310-6600,

Best of NYC Cherry Blossoms: Riverside Park (Manhattan)  

Head up to Morningside Height’s Riverside Park to find Sakura Park, where beautiful cherry trees can be discovered. Specifically, the trees are located between 100th and 125th Streets, on the northern end of the park. The cherry trees were a gift from the Committee of Japanese Residents of New York, and they’ve been around for decades, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Robert Fulton’s steam-power demonstration on the Hudson and Henry Hudson’s discovery of the river in 1609. 475 Riverside Dr., 212-870-3070,

Best of NYC Cherry Blossoms: New York Botanical Garden (Bronx)

Image: Kristine Paulus/Flickr

New York Botanical’s Garden has over 200 flowering cherry trees planted across its 250-acre landscape, including both pink-petal and white-petal blossoms. Many of the cherry trees can be found along Cherry Valley, where a curving path leads you to the blossoms that it’s so aptly named for. More blossoms can also be found at the Arthur and Janet Ross Conifer Arboretum amongst the many evergreens. Additionally, don’t miss out on the row of weeping cherries at the front of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. 2900 Southern Blvd., 718-817-8700,

Lead Image: Guru Sno Studios/Flickr

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