What Are the Best Coffee Spots for Fifth Avenue Shopping Trips?

Shopping along Fifth Avenue is not for the faint of heart. No, it requires stamina—and a little caffeine boost won't hurt, either. From Bergdorf to Bender, a landscape of treasures await discovery, from clothing to handbags, accessories and gifts. But when you need a moment to recharge, nothing beats a strong cup of joe. Sure, coffee shops are a rare find on Fifth Avenue itself, but we can recommend some of the best best coffee in NYC nearby to get you up and running again! Here are our best suggestions for a quick way to bounce back into action.

Zibetto Espresso Bar

zibetto espresso bar

Slightly off Fifth but well worth the walk is Zibetto Espresso Bar. Pop inside and you’ll instantly get the flavor of an intimate café that could be anywhere from Milan to Trieste. Don't expect anything less than magic here. The beans are comprised of a custom blend, roasted in in Old World Bologna. Their gleaming La Cimbali machine is perfectly calibrated, with temperatures precise to the decimal place. You'll find all favorites here, from creamy cappuccinos and bright espressos and lattes, Americanos, and cocoa-enhanced Marocchinos. (Return later in the day and you'll be tempted with their selection of wines, beers, and Proseccos—plus mimosas and bellinis.) 1385 Sixth Ave. (on 56th St.), 646-707-0505; also 1221 Sixth Ave. (on 48th St.), 212-332-2648 and 1 Park Ave. (btw. 32nd & 33rd Sts.)

Ground Central

Ground Central

Just a short jaunt away in Midtown East, you'll find Ground Central just off Lexington Avenue. It’s a roomy and inviting oasis for the area, with dependable pours and plump armchairs at the back of their shotgun space. Check out their variety of pastries, sandwiches, and treat yourself to their Liquiteria juices if you’re looking for fresh greens in your liquid pick-me-up. It's an ideal venue for coffee after your 5th Avenue sojourn, when you’re on your way to Bloomingdale’s only a few blocks up the street! 155 E. 52nd St., 646-964-4438,

Matto Espresso

Blocks away from Restaurant Row at 8th Avenue and 46th, you're in the budget conscious Matto Espresso just off Fifth Avenue. No matter what menu item catches your eye, everything you see, from the pastries to the espresso drinks, is $2! What's more, Matto serves a dependable coffee that might sell for twice as much anywhere else in Manhattan. With decent seating options and a wide assortment of pastry options (remember, just $2 bucks apiece!), Matto could be that magic unicorn you've been looking for. 8 W 46th St., 

Kaffe 1668

Kaffe 1668 is a rarity: it's one of the few coffee shops situated directly on 5th Avenue, which is otherwise almost exclusively dedicated to shopping. The clever Kaffe owners have set up shop in the lobby of an office building. While we’re not in a swoon about the coffee here, convenience is indeed a thing. We also endorse the local roasting of a diverse bean selection—and found a warm spot for their fuzzy sheep figurines adorning the shelves above the espresso machine. If you’re looking for something quick, convenient, and precisely on the beaten path, Kaffe 1668 is the best bet yet. 530 Fifth Ave.,

Juice Press

Although Juice Press specializes in organic juices and smoothies, it also serves our favorite coffee in the city. Their organic Almond Latte is homemade almond milk mixed with strong cold-brew, sweetened with coconut sugar. This singular, delectable concoction comes in a bottle for maximum portability too. If the latte’s not your thing, Juice Press serves its cold-brew black or nitro-brew coffee in a can. And they have an organic answer to the frappuccino: Harvey Wallbanger with The Works. There are three locations in the area, and we couldn’t be more grateful. 625 Madison Ave.; 65 W. 55th St.; 30 Rockefeller Plaza, 212-777-0034,

Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane

In a new location close to Bryant Park and the Grand Central terminal, Bluestone Lane is an Aussie import and welcome addition to New York cafe society. Their brighter cups of brewed “Flagstaff” and espresso drinks made with “Maverick” beans result in deeply layered energizing indulgences. They also offer a diverse assortment of organic teas, bottled kombucha, and juices as wholesome alternatives as well. 330 Madison Ave., 718-374-6858,

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Merrill Lee Girardeau lives and writes in Brooklyn.

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