Best Gyro in NYC

The gyro is synonymous with New York food cart fare: fast, Locals love it because it's flavorful, inexpensive and you can eat it on the run. It's also the pride of Mediterranean restaurant menus and Greek spots throughout the five boroughs. Which ones are best? Here's our pick for the Best Gyro in NYC.

The Halal Guys

Halal Guys

This renowned halal cart does business just down the block from the Museum of Modern Art. You'll find the red and yellow-clad Halal Guys serving world-class from midday to late night, often to lines of hungry customers impatiently waiting down West 53rd. High-quality gyro meat comes hot off the grill and stuffed into a fluffy pita, along with the Halal Guys’ signature white and red sauces. If you prefer, you can have your gyro over rice (as well as chicken or falafel), often for $10 or under (just remember to bring cash!). The Halal Guys now boast several spinoff locations in NYC and abroad—just make sure not to fall for one of the lookalikes near the original Midtown cart. Look for them at the southeast corner of W 53rd St. and Sixth Ave.

The Greek Kitchen

If you're shopping or seeing the sights near Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center, you'll find an affordable and delectable lunch—including sumptuous gyros—at The Greek Kitchen, now in business for more than 20 years. Gyro is in charge here: enjoy it on a fresh Greek salad with cucumbers, feta, and dolmades, as a wrap; on rice, or as a mixed grill plate. Gyros aside, there’s also a robust menu of seafood, vegetarian dishes, and mezes. No matter what you order, you’ll think of the Mediterranean when you see the deep blue walls and the large model boat on the bar counter at this friendly, crowded eatery. 889 10th Ave., 212-581-4300.

BZ Grill

BZ Grill

Just a short jaunt from LaGuardia Airport is Astoria, Queens, a neighborhood with a vibrant Greek community. Drop in on the gyro masters at BZ Grill for a casual Mediterranean cafe who are well practiced in the art of the gyro. Behind the counter, you’ll see twin rotating spits—one for the marinated pork gyro, the other for tender and juicy chicken. Staffers will happily shave off pieces of either to fill in a hot pita for you, or serve it as a platter with their incredible tzatziki yogurt sauce. If you’re especially hungry, why not grab some Greek fries with feta while you’re at it? 27-02 Astoria Blvd., 718-932-7858.

GRK Fresh Greek

Fast-casual Greek is what they do best at GRK Fresh Greek, with locations in Midtown East, the Financial District, and Greenwich Village. GRK showcases quality meats from local distributors, so you’ll enjoy a stellar protein experience from the gyro spit on every plate. Perfect for weekday lunch, their menu offers customizable pitas and plates, complete with choice of sauces and sides so you’re revved and ready for the afternoon. Financial District: 111 Fulton St., 212-385-2010.

Uncle Gussy’s

Uncle Gussy's

Like Halal Guys, Uncle Gussy’s is an unfussy kitchen-on-the-go in midtown. Workers crowd around this blue food truck haven for Greek delectables, including a terrific gyro on rice served inside pita or atop seasoned french fries. Or go Olympian with The Hercules, which comes with gyro and all of the above. You'll find Uncle Gussy’s during lunch hours in Midtown East next to St. Bartholomew’s Church, or in the Financial District on Wall Street. Queens that's open during dinner hours. Midtown truck: 51st and Park Ave., 929-600-1111; FiDi Truck: 48 Wall St.

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Merrill Lee Girardeau lives and writes in Brooklyn.

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