The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC

Juice is always a good idea. It’s light, it’s cold, and (for the most part) it’s healthy. Take a juice break on a hot New York afternoon or cleanse away your summer indiscretions with a solids fast at these juice places all over NYC. Many of them are chains you can find from the Bronx to the Battery. Health nuts can try green juices and smoothies, while others can have an approachable fresh-squeezed orange juice. There are also healthy meals, desserts, and snacks at these stores for a more caloric addition to your juice. Drink up!

The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC: Juice Press

Juice Press

The fact is, if you’re in New York right now, you’re probably within walking distance of a Juice Press, and we suggest you head on over. This juice bar began in 2010 and has sprouted into an empire over 50 locations strong in the city, plus locations in Boston, D.C., and Los Vegas. Get rid your cold with the ginger-aggressive Fireball, sip a sweet cold-brew Almond Latte, or try one of their many and excellent raw food options like raw falafel salad and spicy kelp noodles. Green juices and smoothies abound: our personal favorites are the Mother Earth juice and the Rainforest smoothie. As far as we’re concerned, Juice Press does it best, and the success of the business speaks for itself! Various locations,

The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC: Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery values cleansers of all stripes and offers competitive pricing and delivery for its yummy juices. Right now, their one-day juice cleanse is just $34.50, and members can have unlimited $5 juice, frozen fruit desserts, and coffee. Employees are on-hand in the stores to answer any questions, whether you’re looking at Green or Root juices, blended smoothies or a charcoal lemonade. The Freeze desserts are also a healthy alternative to frozen yogurt or ice cream. They’re made with dates and water, coming in flavors like chocolate, coconut, and mango turmeric. Various locations,

The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC: Juice Generation

Juice Generation

All of Juice Generation’s locations have that signature juice bar smell: fresh coconut, green apple, carrot, and orange. They have a solid juice menu with cheeky names like Hail to Kale and Cold Warrior, as well as smoothies and açai bowls. The grab-and-go fridge is always stocked with juices, raw foods like the Superfood Salad, and cleanse packages if you need a quick juice fast for the day. We’re also fans of the vegan baked goods, with banana almond butter muffins (gluten-free!), açai toaster pastries, and matcha donuts. Locations in Midtown, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Union Square, and many others.

The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC: Hu Kitchen

Paleo juicers, this one’s for you. Hu Kitchen offers a wide variety of grain-free, protein-packed entrees, sides, and desserts in its Greenwich Village location. Up front, there’s also fresh-pressed juice and coffee at the bar. The juices are your garden-variety recipes (we like the Organic Green Garden), with a few idiosyncratic ingredients like sweet potato and radish to keep things interesting. Smoothies run the gamut from matcha concoctions to Mia’s Pitaya (pitaya is the trendy dragonfruit, a sweet pink superfood). And if you’re looking for a strong cup of black coffee and a grain-free strawberry muffin in the morning, Hu has you covered there too. 78 Fifth Ave., 212-510-8919, 

The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC: Lifethyme Natural Market

This unassuming health market in the West Village has a little juice bar in the back worth seeking out. Conveniently located on 6th Avenue, LifeThyme serves juices like the Sweet Christine with carrot, beet, apple, ginger, and pineapple—and all the produce is organic. Try a shot of wheatgrass or Green Champagne, and you’ll find reasonably priced and refreshing elixirs in them all. 410 6th Ave., 212-420-1600,

The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC: Agavi Juice Bar

Juicing in the East Village? Head to the adorable Agavi on East 7th Street. Started by two Queens natives with a passion for raw, organic juicing, Agavi offers cleanses for pick-up or delivery, as well as juices a la carte. Their names are like mystical potions; green juices include the Cure, the Refine, and the Viridescent. Also check out their protein shakes, açai bowls, and vegan soups made with wholesome veggies like ginger, carrot, and artichoke. 72 E. 7th St., 212-390-8042,

The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC: The Juice Shop

The Juice Shop

In congested areas of town like Flatiron, Penn Station, and Midtown East, a healthy oasis can be found at The Juice Shop. As with other competitors on this list, The Juice Shop sells fresh juice, including cleanse packages, with flavors like the carrot-y, ginger-y Think Tank and the green-packed Big Bang. Unlike the others, The Juice Shop is not a vegan establishment. They sell healthy, filling salads and poke bowls topped with salmon or tuna from their grab-n-go fridges and made fresh behind the counter. Various locations, 

The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC: Magic Mix Juicery

Located in the heart of the Financial District, Magic Mix has thrived among the many other grab-n-go spots where Wall Streeters pick up a fast lunch. Have a Root De-Stress juice, or stock up on 37 fluid ounces of Victorious Viking: water infused with pineapple, water, lemon, cucumber, and mint. The lunch crowd loves the Five Spice Sunny Thai Salad and raw vegan pizza, as well as their fresh smoothies and bowls. There’s also raw coconut bacon (your guess is as good as ours) and Gene Parmesan crackers in the snack section. 102 Fulton St., 646-454-0680,

The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC: No Ho Juice Bar & Deli

An unlikely combination of breakfast bagels and great juice? We’re into it. No Ho Juice Bar & Deli offers a cheap alternative to the higher-end businesses listed here, with small green juices going for $4.95. Pick your fruits and vegetables, plus add-ons like ginger, and live it up. Or get a favorite recipe like the Katalina juice with cucumber, kale, strawberry, and pineapple. And if you happen to get a $3 bacon, egg, and cheese with your drink, you might’ve broken your diet (no judgment), but you also have 4 times the calories for much less money. 208 Mercer St., 212-777-5070 

The 10 Best Juice Bars in NYC: Pause Cafe

Pause Cafe

Even if Pause Cafe weren’t a great place to get juice, we’d still head there for the name alone. With Moroccan accents like a blue-tiled water fountain, the Lower East Side cafe serves your typical pastries, coffee, sandwiches, and salads—in addition to juice and smoothies. Go for the Ginger Ale with green apple, cucumber, lemon, and lots of ginger. There aren’t green juices here, but get your micronutrients with the Source of Power: spinach, kale, banana, strawberry, apple, flaxseed, and orange. Yum! 3 Clinton St., 212-677-5415,

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