NYC's 9 Best Cannolis

Picking the best cannoli in a city renowned for them is no easy task. NYC’s favorites are hard to pinpoint, and that’s because there's a dazzling array of the little delicacies scattered across the boroughs of the city. So, with a little searching (and an insatiable appetite), here are our recommended top 10 cannolis in the city that never sleeps.

1. Caffe Palermo (Little Italy)

caffe palermo best cannoli nyc

Caffe Palermo has been winning locals over for years with their cannolis, made in Little Italy, in the heart of New York’s Italian heritage. Their classic cannoli certainly hold their own (with a perfect balance of sweet cream and satisfying crunch, we consider them the best in the city), but we also recommend their chocolate-covered cannoli for a deliciously decadent twist on tradition. 148 Mulberry St., 212-431-4205,

2. Pasticceria Rocco (West Village)

pasticceria rocco cannoli nyc

Coffee and cannoli at Pasticceria Rocco by Paul Stein/flickr

Comprised of crisp shells and thick filling, these diabolically delicious cannoli are often served with toppings of chocolate chips or ground pistachios. If authenticity is what you seek, Pasticceria Rocco is always a reliable winner. 243 Bleecker St., 212-242-6031,

3. La Bella Ferrara (Little Italy)

Variety is the name of the game at La Bella Ferrara, where the assortment of flavors range from mint chip to tiramisu, with chocolate (or white chocolate) shells. This may not be your first stop if you’re a purist, but it’s definitely an ideal option for those who appreciate a little culinary adventure. 108 Mulberry St., 212-966-7867

4. Veniero’s Pastry Shop (East Village)

veniero best cannoli nyc

Considering this beloved bakery has been dishing up spectacular cannoli for nearly 40 years, it should come as no surprise that they know exactly what they’re doing. If you're craving a traditional Italian cannoli that’s dense and packed with rich ricotta flavor, you needn’t look any further. 342 E. 11th St., 212-674-7070,

5. La Guli Pastry Shop (Queens)

If a cannoli’s filling is shockingly sweet, it’s not the real deal. This lovely Astoria locale knows exactly how to balance their flavors, boasting some delicious cannoli made with a plump filling that's an impeccable combination of sweet and savory. 29-15 Ditmars Blvd., 718-728-5612,

6. Fortunato Brothers (Brooklyn)

Aside from their peerlessly classic cannoli, Fortunate Brothers is well worth mentioning for their African cannoli—one you won’t be able to find many other places in the entire country. They're in the Williamsburg neighborhood, if you don't mind a jaunt from from Manhattan island to Manhattan Avenue. 289 Manhattan Ave., 718-387-2281,

7. Trattoria Dell’Arte (Midtown West)

Cannoli by Ralph Daily

Ralph Daily/flickr

This Italian restaurant staple doesn’t just make for great Italian dining—it excels at dessert too. Ordering a cannoli from this menu means hand-rolled, mouthwatering delights served with slivered almonds and an instantly memorable blueberry sauce. 900 Seventh Ave., 212-245-9800,

8. Villabate Alba (Brooklyn)

villavate alba best cannoli in nyc

It wouldn’t be right to complete a must-have cannoli list without featuring Villabate Alba among the best. You will need to trek to the depths of Besonhurst, deep in heart of Brooklyn; but yes, it's most definitely a worthwhile schlep. This bakery’s cannoli have their own original flair, thanks to the sweet preserved fruit pieces that top off each piece of pastry. 7001 18th Ave., 718-331-8430,

9. Carlo’s Bakery (Times Square)

carlo's bakery best cannoli nyc

Photo: Carlo's Bakery

Here's the home of the Cake Boss, so you already know this bakery has a claim to fame. While most of Carlo's desserts are worth a trip through traffic, their cannoli is out of this world. It features he finest ricotta cheese mixed with chocolate chips to create a heavenly filling that will linger in memory. In addition to their Hoboken home base, Carlo's Bakery has a location conveniently located near Times Square in the Port Authority (and coming to 1500 Broadway before too long). 625 Eighth Ave., 646-590-3783,

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