The Best Italian Ice in New York

Many New Yorkers consider Italian ices the ideal snack when the weather heats up. You'll find Italian ice spots throughout the city, but the five picks below are our favorites when it comes to this Italian classic.

Best Italian Ice in New York: Pasticceria Rocco (West Village)

Renowned for serving up one of the most authentic Italian ices in the city, Pasticceria Rocco has been delighting customers for more than 40 years. Their flavors range from traditional lemon, chocolate, and cherry to more innovative options including cremalata and pistachio. The selections rotate daily, so you’ll always be in for a surprise. Stop by between May and September to chill out with one of Rocco’s most beloved, icy sweets. By the way, Rocco firmly believes that, “real New Yorkers don’t use spoons with their Italian ices.” 243 Bleecker St., 212-242-6031

Best Italian Ice in New York: Famous Ben’s Pizza (South Village)

As you might surmise, pizza isn’t all Ben’s is known for. Ask around, and some would say this spot might as well be called "Famous Ben’s Ices." Coconut, strawberry, crème a latto, pistachio, pina colada, Ben’s Famous cocoa, lemon-cherry, tutti frutti, and mango flavors are all possibilities, along with daily ice specials. On display in Sex in the City and Men in Black 2, this water ice haven is one of the most popular during the steamy NYC summers. 177 Spring St., 212-966-4494,

Best Italian Ice in New York: The Lemon Ice King of Corona (Queens)

Considering they get their name from water ices, The Lemon Ice King of Corona is the place to go if you’re willing to scoot out to Queens. (You might even recognize the venue from The King of Queens intro montage). You’ll find more than three dozen flavors at this joint, including all the usual suspects as well as some off-the-wall options ones, including tangerine, vanilla, grape, bubble gum, coffee, mint, licorice, watermelon and sour apple. Located only two minutes from Citi Field, The Lemon Ice King of Corona makes the perfect dessert stop before or after a Mets game. 52-02 108th St., 718-699-5133,

Best Italian Ice in New York: Uncle Louie G (Brooklyn)

You'll never be disappointed by ol’ Uncle Louie G. Here the flavors can sometimes be a bit eccentric, but isn’t that why we love him? Coney Island Cotton Candy, Holi Canoli, Soprano Spumoni, Cake Batter, and Over The Rainbow — each one is a little surprise for your taste buds, while Mucho Mango, My Honey Doo, Strawberry Fields, It’s a Crime Lime, and Lick Me Lemon are favored by traditionalists. (Bonus points just for those punny names!). Additional locations in Brooklyn and Queens. 2341 Graham St.,

Best Italian Ice in New York: Rita’s (Lower Manhattan)

Look to Rita’s for a memorable Italian ice that’s made fresh daily and served within 36 hours of mixing. With dozens of flavors to choose from (including such oddities as Sour Patch Kids Red, Wild Black Cherry, and Peanut Butter & Jelly), you’ll want to hit up Rita’s regularly during the heat of the summer. If you’re looking to try something even more exotic, order up one of their Gelatis, which consists of a layering of your favorite Italian ice into a creamy frozen custard. So, so good. Additional locations in Brooklyn and Queens. Staten Island Ferry Terminal, 4 South St., 212-943-1800,

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