Group Travel NYC: Where to Take Dance Classes with Friends

Picture this: you and your crew want some bachelorette-party fun, or you’re on a trip to the city, or you’re all tired of the same old night out. The solution to all of these problems is to book a group dance class. An instructor from one of these New York studios will teach you any kind of dance you’d like, from Bollywood to ballet to Beyonce. Whether you want a private class or to drop in with a few pals to check it out, you’ll find a super-fun workout at any of the studios on this list.

Dance Classes with Friends NYC: Midtown West

bollywood axion dance classes

Dance like Bollywood stars at Bollywood Axion! This popular studio offers classes in Bollywood dancing from Indian cinema, or more intense North Indian folk dancing with their Bhangra classes. High-energy, rhythmic, and easy to learn, these dances are perfect for you and your friends. Classes at Ripley Grier Studio: 520 Eighth Ave., 16th Floor, 646-944-8010,

Dance Classes with Friends NYC: Chelsea

Get bodied at these fab dance classes in Chelsea. Broadway Bodies specializes in specific, song-based choreography. Whether you’re into “Countdown” by Beyonce, “Be Careful” by Cardi B, or a throwback like Salt-N-Pepa “Push It,” you’ll have a blast at Broadway Bodies. 50 Lexington Ave., 212-488-1094,

Dance Classes with Friends NYC: West Village

Get a bird’s eye view at a trapeze class with your group! At Trapeze School New York, you can learn the basics of flying trapeze, static trapeze (less risky!), aerial fabric exercises, and tumbling on the trampoline. Classes outdoors at Pier 40, or indoors at 467 Marcy Ave. (entrance at 30 Tompkins Ave.) in Brooklyn, 212-242-8769,

Dance Classes with Friends NYC: Midtown West

Take a walk on the wild side with Vixen Workout classes, which incorporate stage lighting and burn anywhere from 400 to 1,000 calories per session. Classes at Neo U (420 5th Ave..),,

Dance Classes with Friends NYC: Midtown West

It’s all in the name, right? NYC Twerkout will train you and your crew in all things twerking, popping, locking, and rolling. Classes at Pearl Studios (500/519 Eighth Ave.) and Ripley Grier Studios (520 Eighth Ave.),,

Dance Classes with Friends NYC: Chelsea

body and pole nyc

Bring your friends to this popular Chelsea studio, where you can learn how to dance on a pole, a hoop, or a swath of fabric (a la Cirque du Soleil). If you’re a novice, you’ll inevitably take a few tumbles as you try to pull off these difficult moves—all the better for a fun time. Body & Pole is a hotspot for bachelorette parties as well, so book ASAP before they fill up! 115 W. 27th St., 212-334-6900,

Dance Classes with Friends NYC: Midtown West

Tailor-made for bachelorette parties, DivaDance has you covered with song-specific routines (they’re keen on Beyonce, but aren’t we all?), lots of hair flips, and fun instructors. Find classes for your group at their locations in NoHo and Midtown West. Studios at 440 Lafayette St., and Ripley Grier Studios (520 Eighth Ave.); 646-450-1440;

Dance Classes with Friends NYC: Brooklyn

This Brooklyn institution offers the most variety on this list. Whether you’re looking for tap, hip-hop, belly dancing, West African, or flamenco dance, you can find all of these and more at Mark Morris Dance Center. 3 Lafayette Ave., 718-624-8400,

Dance Classes with Friends NYC: Midtown West


zumba bachelorette party

Get moving with the salsa and hip-hop mash-up that is Zumba! M Dance & Fitness offers affordable group classes at its Hell's Kitchen location. 519 Eighth Ave., 212-361-9948,

Dance Classes with Friends NYC: Midtown West

If you and your friends like clubbing, why not take a lesson together before hitting the town? At You Should Be Dancing, you can book one of their experienced instructors to teach you about salsa or bachata (they’re also ballroom-dancing pros, if that tickles your fancy). 412 Eighth Ave., 212-244-0011,

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