KBBQ: 5 Korean BBQ Spots to Try Now in NYC

Korean barbecue, or KBBQ, usually prepared at the dining table, appeals to vegetarians as well as meat lovers. Koreatown (K-town) boasts a wide variety of options, some great for large groups (perhaps followed by some karaoke?), and others providing more intimate KBBQ experiences. Here are five KBBQ spots in NYC to check out now. 

Where to Get the Best KBBQ NYC: Grand Seoul

Grand Seoul

Grand Seoul, a true mom and pop shop in Chinatown, has an all-you-can-eat menu where KBBQ favorites like pork belly, marinated beef, and chicken thighs can be found. On top of endless meat, the sides and drink options are equally plentiful. We suggest ordering their somaek (beer and sake combo) served in a super Instagrammable light-up tower! 85 Chrystie St., 212-226-5555,

Where to Get the Best KBBQ NYC: Miss Korea

Miss Korea in K-Town has three floors, each with its own distinct vibe. Floor one (Jin) is the most natural, with stone and other organic accents, while floor 2 (Sun) is decorated with imperial flair, and floor 3 (Mee) is styled like a modern bar. Each has its own BBQ dinner course and price range, with Jin being the most expensive ($95.95 per person) and Mee ($73.95 per person) being the least. 10 W. 32nd St., 212-594-4963,

Where to Get the Best KBBQ NYC: Let's Meat

Let's Meat


Let's Meat is the ultimate K-Town destination for all-you-can-eat. With a $19.99 lunch special (Monday-Friday) and a $21.99 late-night special (after 10pm Sunday to Thursday), it won't break the bank. Just don't order too much: there's a $15 dollar per person up-charge if there is leftover food (no doggie bags allowed). 307 Fifth Ave., 212-889-0089

Where to Get the Best KBBQ NYC: Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

Kang Ho Dong Bae Jeong

"Baekjeong" might translate to butcher, but this BBQ place also caters to vegetarians—without sacrificing authenticity. Ssam lettuce wraps, soft silken tofu, and scallion salad tossed in a spicy gochujang sauce are among the meatless options. On the carnivore side, meats can be purchased individually, in combos, or as sets. This K-Town staple has attracted visiting K-pop stars, including BTS. 1 E. 32nd St., 212-966-9839,

Where to Get the Best KBBQ NYC: HYUN 


Just off Fifth Avenue, the intimate, upscale Korean BBQ restaurant HYUN will be where you bring a special friend  to dazzle with mouth-watering Japanese A5 wagyu beef prepared right before your eyes (Pinot Noir salt or sesame oil can give added flavor). Share steaming appetizers of brisket, pumpkin, and mushroom (the "chadol-jjim"), as well as filling-yet-light hot pots of fluffy rice with sea urchin and truffle. HYUN stocks a large selection of wines and sakes, and also concocts some dreamy cocktails like the Cloud Remedy, created with Toki Whiskey, makgeolli, Laiphroig 10-year-old whiskey, honey, and citrus. Complement the dining experience with a choice of sweet desserts, such as Earl Grey ice cream topped with gold flecks, or the hodo gwaja, a mini walnut-shaped pastry filled with red bean paste and walnut chunks. This minimalist-chic restaurant has both public dining in the front, and booths with slatted wooden doors in the back, with soft lighting, for added privacy. Make your reservations now on OpenTableLinda Sheridan. 10 E. 33rd St., 917-261-6217,

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