NYC Is the #1 U.S. Holiday Tourism Destination and Other News

It's been another roller coaster news cycle for New York tourism. Omicron looks to be more contagious, but also more mild, so there's reason it think it won't be as disruptive as Delta. Travel restrictions were placed on parts of Africa, but it looks like they'll be lifted soon. The CDC has tightened Covid testing requirements for international travelers, but polls show Omicron fears won't significantly affect travel. 

Mayor de Blasio is making NYC the first big city in the country with a private business vax mandate, starting December 27th. Now that kids can get vaccinated, they're also going to be asked to show proof in order to take part in indoor activities. No one is happy about additional restrictions, but the weekend looked good in midtown, with tour buses full and lines for the shops in Bryant Park. Maybe the return to mask guidance will expedite getting us out of this stage of the pandemic. Tourism sees several strong data points:

  • The latest survey on U.S. tourism shows a major bump for holiday travel: 34% over last year, with only 13% of travelers leaving the country. NYC will be a major beneficiary—the city is the #1 most popular domestic destination for the second half of December, after slipping off the list entirely in 2020.
  • The TSA is screening record numbers of passengers for the pandemic era. The data is now in from the Thanksgiving weekend and it included 2.5 million air travelers on Sunday alone, the most since February 2020 and 85% of 2019's Thanksgiving levels. The TSA is expecting near pre-pandemic numbers for the remainder of the holiday season.
  • Polling shows that live event attendance has begun its rebound; expect audiences to skew younger, with Gen Zers are the most willing to attend (61%), followed by Millennials (52%), Gen Xers (36%), and Boomers (31%).
  • The Theater District will see increasing foot traffic this month: the city is again making midtown more pedestrian-friendly for the holidays, with partial street closures around Rock Center and Radio City Music Hall. Over on Fifth Avenue foot traffic is way up over last year, hitting 80% of 2019 numbers.

Other signs of the city coming back include:

Omicron has caused the U.S. demand for international travel to plunge. Interestingly, domestic demand isn't falling off. It could bode well for NYC's December. The latest survey data on U.S. tourism shows a big bump for holiday travel: 34% over last year, with only 13% of travelers leaving the country. NYC will be a major beneficiary—the city is the #1 most popular domestic destination for the holidays, after slipping off the list entirely in 2020.


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