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Looking for a meal after your Broadway curtain comes down? Hankering for a second dinner? Either way, Midtown has abundant options for late-night food. Sizzling, burgers, spicy wings, ramen and Korean barbecue are among the temptations. Have a look at these Midtown NYC spots where the kitchen's still serving after 10pm.

Late-Night Dining in Midtown NYC: PJ Clarke’s

PJ Clarkes

Of course this Midtown East hotspot is dependably crowded. It was featured in at least one episode of Mad Men. But it's also been feeding hungry New Yorkers and tourists since 1884. Quality lasts, and PJ Clarke’s will serve you one of their famous burgers until 11pm any night of the week. There’s also raw seafood, European pub fare like shepherd’s pie, and serious Black Angus steaks. 915 Third Ave., 212-317-1616,

Late-Night Dining in Midtown NYC: Dutch Fred's

Dutch Fred's

The cop who supposedly came up with the phrase “Hell’s Kitchen” is the namesake of this upscale pub serving seductive craft cocktails and delicious food in a retro setting. Liquid specialties include the Working Class Hero (smoke included!) and the Ginger Rogers. Enjoy a heaping helping of mac n cheese, the roasted cauliflower tacos, or simply nosh on the chips with guacamole. There are stone oven flatbreads at Dutch Fred's to satisfy anyone with pizza cravings, with margherita, meatball, Mediterranean, and arugula varieties available. Food is served nightly till 2am. 307 W. 47th St., 646-918-6923,

Late-Night Dining in Midtown NYC: Guantanamera


Mere blocks from Columbus Circle is a Cuban outpost where you’ll want to party the night away. Live bands play Cuban favorites every evening if you’d like to work off your dinner. Appetizers include a salad tossed with avocado, mango, and pineapple (definitely order the Ropa Vieja to accompany) as a starter. Then opt for steak served with rice, beans, and plantain chips. For dessert, try the traditional tres leches cake. The kitchen remains open till 11:30pm Sunday through Thursday and till after midnight Friday and Saturday. 939 Eighth Ave., 212-262-5354,

Late-Night Dining in Midtown NYC: Shake Shack

Hell’s Kitchen is happy to have you go casual, especially at Shake Shack. The fast-food-style Shack Burger and crinkle fries made this NYC spot an instant and international hit. And you'll be delighted to know there are also milkshakes aplenty (we recommend the Black and White). Their kitchen shuts down at midnight. 691 Eighth Ave., 646-435-0135,

Late-Night Dining in Midtown NYC: Sake Bar Hagi 46

Not far from the Theater District, Sake Bar Hagi 46 serves authentic Japanese dishes and an assortment of sakes. Their wide-ranging menu boasts grilled meats, udon, ramen and more. They're reasonably priced and very tasty, Sake Bar Hagi also maintains a steady flow of customers, so reservations are recommended. The kitchen here is open until 2am most nights. 245 W. 51st St., 212-956-2429,

Late-Night Dining in Midtown NYC: Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

Koreatown is the locus of several late-night and 24-hour eateries. Paramount among them is Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, a barbecue spot with a grill at the table. Select your proteins and/or veggies, and pop them on the grill yourself. They're high-quality ingredients accompanied by delicious sides like kimchi, egg, soup and tofu. Weekends tend to get busy, but luckily they're open until 5am Friday and Saturday. What's more, they're open till 1am Sunday through Thursday nights. 1 E. 32nd St., 212-966-9839,

Late-Night Dining in Midtown NYC: Empanada Mama

Empanada Mama

An unassuming storefront venue, Empanada Mama is a 24-hour godsend you’ll be glad to have in your inventory during late nights in Hell’s Kitchen. These just might be the best empanadas in town. While these tasty pastry pockets are generally native to many Latin American regions, these empanadas are primarily Colombian, although many feature the flavors of Greece, Italy and the Caribbean. Popular selections include the Spicy Chicken and Reggaeton. You’ll be sated with one of the best late night offerings in town. 765 9th Ave., 212-698-9008,

Late-Night Dining in Midtown NYC: TsuKuShi

Not far from the East River, TsuKuShi is a modest Japanese eatery in a quiet part of Midtown. For reasons unexplained, they remain open until 2am most nights—a boon for anyone scouring the area for late-night ramen. Chef and owner Norihiko Manabe serves his singular takes on delicate omakase dishes and home cooking, plus a range of sake and shochu. You'll find crab fried rice and excellent ramen on the menu after 10pm and they're typically inexpensive, too. 357 E. 50th St., 212-599-8888

Late-Night Dining in Midtown NYC: Bon Chon Chicken

It’s all about the wing at Bon Chon. This bustling Koreatown eatery serves chicken in myriad forms, including their signature sticky wings (with your choice of soy garlic or spicy flavors). You find such Korean staples as bibimbap and bulgogi to accompany your chicken, or grab the fast food option with fries on the side. Bon Chon operates until 2am Sundays through Wednesdays and till 4am Thursdays through Saturdays. You'll find additional outlets on 38th Street and in Chelsea. 325 Fifth Ave., 212-686-8282,

Late-Night Dining in Midtown NYC: Dim Sum Palace

Dim Sum Palace

Not as cheap as Chinatown, but a whole lot closer, this palace deserves love because they serve dim sum until 1:30 in the morning. You'll get your fill of late-night dumplings here—especially the ones with shrimp and the chive and pork. Other favorites include the pan-fried sticky rice with pork, fried turnip cake, and sweet sesame balls. Located mere footsteps away from Sake Bar Hagi in Hell’s Kitchen, Dim Sum Palace is open until 1:30am every night. And there are additional locations around the city, including a brand-new Chinatown spot on Division Street that stays open until 4am. 334 W. 46th St., 646-861-1910,

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