Specialty Goods for Foreign Visitors to NYC

Picture this: you’ve just booked your plane tickets to New York. You’re thrilled!! And then it starts to sink in: you have so many details to figure out. From downloading maps to exchanging currency to finding your passport, it can be a bit of a hassle to travel here from abroad. But we have a few solutions for you! From the practical (international SIM card) to the selfie-stick to beat all selfie-sticks, here’s a list of products to make your oversea excursion just a little bit easier.

Specialty Goods for Foreign Visitors to NYC: Hammacher Schlemmer’s Speaking Translator

Live translation speaker

If you ever stop to ask for directions from a local in a foreign country, you might be faced with a fast, complex set of instructions in an unfamiliar language. Hammacher Schlemmer has solved that problem with its Live Conversation Speaking Translator. This gadget fits in your pocket and can translate speech into your language, or vice versa, just by talking into its microphone. The device “speaks” out loud to facilitate your interactions better! Without internet access (i.e. on the hard-to-navigate subways), the device can translate 12 different languages, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. With internet access, that number goes up to 21, such as Hindi and Polish. 147 E 57th St, 800-421-9002,

Specialty Goods for Foreign Visitors to NYC: T-Mobile Tourist SIM Card

Sad but true: your phone probably won’t work in New York if you’re coming in from abroad. Or you’ll rack up insane roaming charges (yikes!). The quick fix for that is to buy a new SIM card especially for service in the U.S. You can stop by any T-Mobile store in the city or shop online for this tiny card that activates service in your phone (provided your cell company hasn’t locked your device from using other providers; check before you leave). That way, you can still call, text, and search the internet while you wander around SoHo, Harlem, or whatever neighborhood catches your fancy. Broadway store at 1535 Broadway Suite 161A, 844-537-3559,

Specialty Goods for Foreign Visitors to NYC: The Carry-On by Away

Away Carry On

Sleek, tech-savvy luggage can be yours at Away, a travel company with a new storefront in the West Village. Their rolling suitcases and other bags feature USB ports so that you can charge your phone or mobile device at the airport or on the go (!). The hardside suitcase is indestructible and expertly designed to fit shoes, clothes, and toiletries in mesh zipper pouches on each side of the folding design. The Carry-On fits in overhead compartments, or you might go bigger with The Medium or Large. All designs come in several lovely hues, but we’re partial to the bright red of “Berlin.” 10 Bond St., 646-649-3191,

Specialty Goods for Foreign Visitors to NYC: Tile Mate

Have you ever forgotten your bag in a taxi? The worst, right? With Tile Mate, you can track your most precious possessions. The Tile is a small, flat device that can be clipped to keys or slipped in a suitcase. It connect you with a Tile App where you can see the location of your item on a map. So if your bag takes a ride in a taxi without you, you can find it easily on your phone or mobile device. Tile also makes a Slim variety for smaller items like wallets and passports. You can find the Tile at Best Buy, Target, the Apple Store, and many other NYC retailers (see the website for a full list).

Specialty Goods for Foreign Visitors to NYC: DJI Osmo Camera

DJI Osmo Camera

Imagine you want a perfect sweeping shot of Brooklyn Bridge from the window of a car. You film it, but then you watch it back, and the footage is blurry and shaky—and not in a good way. The Osmo is the epitome of a selfie stick, a small handheld camera with high-tech stabilization so every shot is crystal-clear and smooth as butter. No shaking in sight! Your smartphone can fit into the Osmo as well and connect with the camera through a specially designed app. The Osmo can also take beautiful long-exposure shots and time-lapse video. Online only in the U.S.,

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