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3.0 — Magazine Cut Out

Aug 28 - Aug 29 | Sun |
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An unfurling of identifying identity in an unperceivably unidentifiable haze of sex, substance and some more sex. But it’s not at all serious or intellectual; it’s silly and fun with tears and laughter (not to impose upon you how you should react or anything…) Not for the kids, y’all! 3.0 — Magazine Cut Out is a revamp-spread eagle-evolution of Envy On Fire, first staged by Garlan 3 years ago, later boosted with other stories and voices, and now back to the future as Garlan ruminates with the ghosts. Garlan is stretching their legs, doing their lip trills and warming up their mic as they return to the stage as they’ve never before: to have a commercial SMASH HIT. Come and arrive and have your tarot read by Carly Johnson. Continue coming and arriving and enjoy the terrifically dazical (not a word) ambient sounds of Nathan Leigh. Stay coming and arriving for a performance arty-ish, cabaret adjacent, barely avoiding step-on-a-crack-break-your-mother’s-back leaning memoir solo show wrapped in screaming designs by Oscar Chavez. Becoming, Being and Staying Garlan Jude. There will be costume changes!

Venue: The Brick

579 Metropolitan Ave Map