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Linhart Dentistry

230 Park Ave.

Inside Scoop: Linhart Dentistry

Jan Linhart, D.D.S., P.C. is New York City's favorite dentist. Born in Prague, Dr. Linhart opened his Manhattan office in 1981 and has been practicing there ever since. He offers a wide assortment of procedures from whitening to veneers, and his clientele is just as varied, ranging from celebrities to beauty pageant queens to travelers looking for the first-class care only found in New York City.

Dr. Linhart sums up his passion behind his business: "There are two things that I am absolutely committed to providing for my patients. First and foremost, is exceptional, cutting-edge dental treatment in a multiplicity of specialties, but equally important, is a positive total patient experience."

Linhart Dentistry Photos

Dr. Linhart and his associate standing inside their dental office.

A view of Linhart Dentistry's waiting room and exam room.

Close-up of a pair of magnifying glasses worn by the dentists at Linhart Dentistry.

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