Martha Stewart Praises NYC's Linhart Dental Care Products

Lifestyle icon Martha Stewart has highlighted New York's own Linhart Dentistry’s exceptional oral care products in the latest issue of her magazine, Martha Stewart Living.

Dr. Linhart Martha Stewart Living

Dr. Jan Linhart.

In a section on at-home tooth-whitening treatments in the May 2019 issue, Linhart was selected as “Martha’s Choice.” Stewart’s quote reads, “I love everything about the Linhart dental-care line, which was developed by expert dentists Jan and Zachary Linhart. Their products taste good and work nicely, and the tooth-whitener gel keeps my teeth sparkling clean.”

Stewart’s “rave review” supports what so many already know: Linhart elevates the ordinary in oral care. Their toothpaste, toothbrush, whitener, and lip balm are the result of the Linharts’ many years of research and experience as New York City dentists.

Linhart Denistry

Available a la carte or by subscription (which gives you 20% off the price), these oral care products use safe, natural ingredients that enhance your smile. Stewart singles out the Linhart whitening gel because it works wonders and is easy to use. Just top your Linhart toothpaste with the whitener, brush your teeth, and watch your smile brighten over days and weeks of regular use. The primary ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, is a safe alternative to enamel-damaging chemicals in other whitening products on the market.

The gel is just the beginning; all Linhart products optimize your oral health through effective ingredients. The Linhart toothbrush is made with antibacterial Nano-Silver, while the toothpaste uses a proprietary ingredient called Linämel™, which strengthens the teeth. In the lip balm you’ll find no lip-drying petroleum, just nourishing beeswax, extra-virgin olive oil, and SPF.   

Linhart’s subscription service refreshes your smile with a new batch of products every two months. Packages are available for one person, a couple, or a family of four and can be customized according to your favorite Linhart products. Subscribers receive discounts up to 28% off the products. Plus, you won’t have to worry about picking up new oral care at the store.

Dr. Jan Linhart and his son, Dr. Zachary Linhart, run a thriving dentistry practice in Midtown Manhattan in addition to their oral care line. This family business excels in cosmetic and restorative dentistry with incredible results. It’s no wonder their products are getting buzz as well!

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