What You'll Experience at the Times Square Ichiran, New York's Most Authentic Ramen

Japan's most beloved ramen restaurant, Ichiran, has brought its delicious ramen to NYC! Ichiran has three locations between Manhattan and Brooklyn, with its newest in a chic space right in the heart of Times Square.

Ichiran is perfect for solo travelers. The restaurant has booths divided into sections, tailored for eating alone, with a smooth and efficient experience. The dividers can also be removed for couples and groups dining together!

Read the board on top for more detail on the menu items—and to learn some Japanese while you wait! 

With Ichiran's unique ordering system, customers can customize their bowl to fit their exact taste. All you have to do is fill out a form: ramen with your desired noodle texture, spice level, and additional ingredients will arrive right before your eyes. While Ichiran's standard ramen includes pork, ask about their seafood "secret menu" option!

Expect to be served the perfect bowl of ramen in no time. Ichiran's policy states that your bowl will be delivered to your table within 15 seconds of when it has finished cooking to ensure that the noodles are just the way you like them. 

premium yakibuta ichiran times square

Don't forget about sides! Customers at the Times Square location can order a treat exclusive to this location: ICHIRAN’s new menu item, the Premium Yakibuta. Made from a secret in-house marinade, the pork is cut into thick slices to emphasize hearty flavor. With a hint of smokiness, the Premium Yakibuta is a perfect addition to ICHIRAN’s famous tonkotsu ramen and also pairs well with the sake menu.

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Times Square: 152 W. 49th St., 646-964-4294; Herald Square: 132 W. 31st St., 212-465-0701; Brooklyn: 374 Johnson Ave., 718-381-0491. Visit for more information.

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