Sweet Treats to Try Before the End of Summer in NYC

From s'mores creations to rich ice cream, New York has a slew of sweet treats for finishing your summer on a decadent note. Check out our picks for some must-try end of summer desserts that will help you beat the heat.

Sweet New York Treats to Try Before the End of Summer: Midtown West

ice cream

If decadent ice cream topped with layers of chocolate is your thing, then The New Yorker is a must-try sweet for you. The New Yorker is the must try sundae at the Summer Garden & Bar at Rock Center Café, and it contains the works. Rich chocolate ice cream gets topped off with black and white cookie, chocolate pretzel crunch, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate syrup all under a vast whipped cream top-hat makes this dessert as fancy as it is delicious. Although it pairs with most any menu item, it's filling enough that if you skip straight to dessert we don't blame you.  20 W. 50th St., 212-332-7620,

Sweet New York Treats to Try Before the End of Summer: Little Italy

caffe palermo bakery nyc

Looking for the best cannoli in Manhattan? Caffe Palermo, aka the “Cannoli King of Little Italy” is the best place to seek out. On top of cannoli, they have fantastic cheesecakes, tiramisu, and coffee as only Italians can do it—just ask fans like Danny DeVito, Ray Romano, and Ryan Seacrest. 148 Mulberry St., 212-431-4205,

Sweet New York Treats to Try Before the End of Summer: Queens

cookies chip

If chocolate chip cookies are your thing, Chip is the perfect spot for you. They elevate the basic cookie with gooey centers that look just as appetizing as they taste. With multiple locations throughout Queens and a Manhattan spot on the way, Chip is easily available. Multiple locations,

Sweet New York Treats to Try Before the End of Summer: Times Square

Nothing screams summer more than an ooey-gooey s’mores masterpiece. You can taste the flavors of rich chocolate, sweet marshmallows, and dense graham crackers at Hershey’s S’mores Experience! You'll feel like you have been transported to a night-time camp bonfire. While in the store make sure to pick up a personalized chocolate bar to help you remember this experience forever! 1593 Broadway, 212-581-9100,    

Sweet New York Treats to Try Before the End of Summer: Upper West Side

Sugar Factory Goblet

You can’t have an article all about sugary goodness without including the Sugar Factory. Some menu items are more summery than others: we suggest  their signature Ocean Blue Goblet, which features gummy sharks in a crystal blue liquid. If you really want to indulge your sweet tooth order the Cookie Monster Milkshake, featuring both cookies and a donut for a totally Instagramable treat that can’t be beaten. 1991 Broadway, 212-414-8700,

Sweet New York Treats to Try Before the End of Summer: Brooklyn


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Williamsburg's hidden gem is the North 3rd Street Market. This indoor-market is filled with amazing dessert spots! No matter what you are craving, they have you covered! Want something decadent? Try the chocolate pierogies at Baba's. Need a nostalgic fix? Gracie Baked as Dunkaroo inspired cookies! Looking to beet the heat? Try the ice cream at Whipped Urban Dessert Lab. Thinking about dessert but haven't had lunch yet? Tap has tapioca paninis that are in-between the sweet and savory worlds. The market's hours of operation are: open daily from 8:00am - 9:00pm, select vendor hours vary. 103 North 3rd St.,

Sweet New York Treats to Try Before the End of Summer: Lower East Side

If you haven’t had your first Morgenstern’s of the summer season yet then now is the time! This iconic New York ice cream shop is known for its "Rockiest Road," which we can confirm is super rocky. 2 Rivington St., 212-209-7684,

Sweet New York Treats to Try Before the End of Summer: Greenwich Village

A sweets list is not complete without mention of Magnolia Bakery. No matter what season it is, Magnolia has super delicious cupcakes that are a must-try. We suggest one of the items from their August cupcake calendar, especially their red velvet cupcake decorated with whipped vanilla icing. 401 Bleecker St., 212-462-2572,

Sweet New York Treats to Try Before the End of Summer: Dumbo 

pie felicia

Time Out Market has many vendors that need to be on your dessert goals list. With specials from Ice & Vice to Do, every sweets fan will find an item to obsess over this season. We suggest trying the Pie Felicia, an exclusive milkshake treat from Ice & Vice that features a slice of peanut butter pie onto of a classic milkshake for an elegant, punny version of a classic NYC freak-shake.  55 Water St.,

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