A Visit to the Grand Bar & Salon at the Soho Grand Hotel

The Grand Bar is only one of the spots available at the Soho Grand Hotel for upwardly mobile young professionals to meet and greet for a nosh and a drink. It is by intention dark and lush. The music being spun is decidedly hip and post-Y2K, and, for the most part, the clientele prefers to wander the spacious environs looking to network, both professionally and socially.

grand bar cocktail soho

When nightfall occurs, groups settle into warm and plush couches with low coffee tables. Not ideal for eating—but then the real attraction here is a seemingly endless parade of well-heeled New Yorkers out for an early evening on the town. 

As the deejay's setlist grows louder, you might think you'll find a dance floor nearby. You won't. Instead, the rising volume has an interesting ancillary effect: the clientele leans into one another, as the music compels guests to actually pay closer attention to the conversations they're having. Fascinating.

In terms of food, you won't be surprised to find a very meaty shrimp cocktail on the menu, or a pair of handsome plates, one of artisanal cheeses and the other a charcuterie of prosciutto, foie gras mousse, smoked duck breast, bresaola, and lamb merguez. There are the expected salads and burgers and sides, but heartier appetites will find steak frites available as well. None of these is going to replace the ones you hold dear in your memory, but again, that's not the point.

Your enjoyment of the Grand Bar will be directly proportional to those you lock eyes and ears with here. The cocktails pack a punch, the singles are ready to mingle, and a good time awaits anyone who shows up looking for just that.

grand bar soho

The Grand Bar is located at 310 W. Broadway in SoHo. Reservations are encouraged and can be made by calling 212-965-3588 directly or through Resy.

Open daily, 7am 'til late.
Live DJs Thursdays 8pm 'til late, Friday-Saturday 7pm 'til late

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