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Color Factory

251 Spring St. (btw. Varick St. & Sixth Ave.)
Color Factory

Inside Scoop: Color Factory

Welcome to Color Factory: a collaboratively produced art experience in NYC. This multisensory exhibit, inspired by the colors of the city, guides visitors through 16 participatory installations. Highlights include ombré floating balloons with wishes for the world written by students at 826NYC, a walkable infographic leading you to your “secret color,” a palette of colorful treats featuring a custom color ice cream scoop, a unique activity on color and human connection, a luminous dance floor, and Color Factory’s signature ball room. Put on your favorite hue and come for color!

Featured collaborators include: Lakwena Maciver, Mmuseumm, Emmanuelle Moureaux, Jason Polan, Tamara Shopsin, Kassia St Clair, Molly Young, Kendra Dandy, James Rosa/LAND Gallery, 826NYC, Christine Wong Yap, Rebecca Wright, Randi Brookman Harris, Leah Rosenberg, Erin Jang, and Oh Happy Day.


Buy tickets at www.colorfactory.co/tickets

Color Factory Photos

ball pit color factory

Color Factory

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