50 Shades! The Musical: The Original Parody (of the Greatest Novel Ever Written)

"50 Shades! The Musical": The Original Parody (of the Greatest Novel Ever Written)

Yes, you read that title correctly: the rapturously raunchy send up of the scorching bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey is officially a tongue-in-cheek (and many, many other far-more-risqué places) Off-Broadway musical. But trust me, this is no by-the-literal-book spoof-a-thon. Rather, it’s a cleverly orchestrated sex romp (leave the kids and the prudes at home, please) played for laughs in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Spoiler alert: co-directors Al Samuels and Rob Lindley have opted for some very interesting casting choices. 

50 Shades! The Musical Off Broadway
Casey Rogers, Alec Varcas, Kaitlyn Frotton, Chloe Williamson and Ashley Ward. Photo by Matthew Murphy

If you’ve read the book — and it’s not a prerequisite — you’ll probably get a few extra insider laughs. But not to worry; this fast-paced concoction (pun intended — in keeping with the script, mind you) doesn’t skimp on preposterously funny jokes, lyrics, and lewdness. Nor does it put the breaks on for a second. There’s no nudity, but plenty of rough-and-tumble, ride-‘em-cowboy choreography. Again, it’s not for Puritans or those who can’t take the occasional groaner. (Yes, yes, another pun… What can I say? The show gets to you!)

50 Shades! The Musical Off Broadway
Photo: Matthew Murphy

What really puts 50 Shades! in the upper class of farce, though, is the quality of the songs and the actors, who stop the show belting double-entendres with voices that would put TV pop-idol contestants to shame. The show stars Amber Petty (Anastasia Steele/sweet young thing), Chris Grace (sexual control freak Christian Grey), Tim Murray (Jose), and Kaitlyn Frotton, Chloe Williamson and Ashley Ward as the three book club babes who set the outrageous fantasy in motion. How naughty of them!

Elektra Theater, 673 8th Ave. near 43rd St. For tickets, call 866-811-4111 or click here.

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