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Off Broadway Shows Opening This Week

February 6, 2012 - by City Guide News Desk
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Click on the show title for theater information, show times, and more. UPDATED 3/6/2012.

Beyond the Horizon - A heart-wrenching domestic tragedy set on a farm in Massachusetts where two brothers, Robert, a dreamer and poet who makes plans to go to sea and seek the promise that lies beyond the horizon, and Andrew, whose desire extends no farther than the family farm, find themselves in love with their neighbor Ruth, who expresses her love for Robert, who then stays at home to run the farm while Andrew takes his place on the sailing ship to discover lands he never dreamt of.

Court-Martial at Fort Devens - Based on a true story, Court-Martial at Fort Devens documents the strike of black WACs (Women's Army Corps) during World War II. The women joined the Army to be trained as nurses, only to be relegated to cleaning toilets, mopping floors and doing laundry. When they are court-martialed for refusing to follow orders during wartime, they fight a pioneering battle for racial equality in the segregated U.S. military.

DC-7, The Roberto Clemente Story - A play about the life and legacy of baseball legend and humanitarian Roberto Clemente – the first Hispanic player to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hand to God - Robert Askins' Hand to God has returned for a limited engagement. It follows one day at a Christian Puppet Ministry when a boy and his puppet let the devil in.?

An Iliad - An Iliad spins the familiar tale of gods and goddesses, undying love and endless battles told through an original and immediate voice. Denis O'Hare and Stephen Spinella will alternate as performers in this 100-minute sweeping account of humanity's unshakeable attraction to violence, destruction and chaos. Has anything really changed since the Trojan War?

The Maria Project - Using documentary footage, music and storytelling, this unique work takes audiences on a road trip across America to unravel the mysterious disappearance of Maria Salazar. Through the voices of family over three generations, an unknown family history is unearthed, down to the very secret that shaped its destiny.

A Moon for the Misbegotten - In Eugene O'Neill's bittersweet elegy, two wounded hearts experience the power of redemption--and the saving grace of love. They meet on a barren patch of earth, in the ghostly glow of an autumn moon. The jaded James Tyrone is on the edge of despair; the fiercely passionate Josie Hogan is lonely beyond endurance. But on this night, in the ghostly glow of an autumn moon, hope sparks between them.

Now. Here. This. - This new work marks the return to The Vineyard of the ultra-talented team behind the Obie Award-winning/Tony-nominated musical [title of show]. The show explores birds, bees, reptiles, early man, ancient civilizations, and outer space. Also, loneliness, friendship, hoarding, hiding, laughing, living and dying. And middle school. And dinosaurs.

Puss in Boots  - The only thing the miller's youngest son inherits is a simple cat. But no ordinary cat is he. He can talk. He's witty. And he's got big plans! Soon the miller's son finds himself enjoying adventures, wealth and marriage to a beautiful princess.

Regrets - Caleb Farley is the youngest man ever to show up at Mrs. Duke's cabins, a ramshackle retreat in the Nevada desert and one of the few places men can go to secure a quick divorce in 1950s America. Caleb claims he fled his Hollywood home for the same reason as the other men in camp - to shed the lives and wives they've known, and loved, to begin anew. But in an era of heightened fears and political distrust, accusations that Caleb is hiding more than just a broken heart test each man's loyalty - to country and to one another. With Tony winner Adriane Lenox.

Seth Rudestsky’s Disaster - This 1970's disaster movie musical written by Seth Rudetsky and Jack Plotnick featuring your favorite songs and disasters from the '70s starts on a summer night in 1979. All the hottest New York City A-Listers are putting on their platform shoes and polyester disco shirts and heading to the grand opening of Manhattan's first floating casino and discotheque. Little do they know that their night of boogie fever, Farrah Fawcett-feathered-hair and Bella Abzug hats will turn into....Disaster!!!!

Thirds - Three sisters inherit their mother's house. The problem is that the daughters cannot agree on how to divide the estate. When one of the sisters begins to build a brick wall to claim her third of the house, it's clear a decision must be made before the mortar dries.


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Play hooky and head down to the banks of the Mississippi with Tom, Huck, Becky and the rest of the gang for a theatrical adaptation of the Twain classic! Loyal to Twain’s original text, he production uses actors in multiple roles, eclectic original music, and a fluid, allegorical set design to capture treasured elements of the story: the thrill of mischief-making, the fickleness of first love, and the cold shivers that linger after a graveyard adventure goes awry.

The Big Meal - Somewhere in America, in a typical suburban restaurant on a typical night, Sam and Nicole meet.  And sparks fly, setting in motion an expansive tale that traverses five generations of a modern family, from first kiss to final goodbye. A stunning, big-hearted play that spans nearly eighty years in a single sitting.

Eternal Equinox - Art, sex, conquest and love collide on a fall day in 1923 when the dashing mountaineer George Mallory, who coined the phrase “because it's there,” pays a surprise visit to Charleston, the summer home of two of Britain's most important artists, the Bloomsbury Group painters Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell.

Flight - This world-premiere play dramatizes a man's search for truth, love and his own identity as he  races against time to get the answers he needs from his mother before she loses her own battle against dementia. Together, they must confront the haunting memories of a past she has never shared or made peace with. Funny, tender, and haunting, FLIGHT touches in surprising and challenging ways.

I Heart Alice Heart I - This unflinching and astonishingly personal love story of two exceptional, opinionated women -- Alice and Alice -- who have been in love for the best part of six decades. This limited run production comes to New York direct from playing at Ireland’s Abbey Theatre.

Innocent Flesh - Loosely based on the real stories of four young girls and the hardships they face as underage prostitutes in America, this unique work uses poetry, dance, and a modern take on the classic Greek Chorus to unveil the secrets of how girls from all walks of life can find themselves on the streets, selling their bodies to men.

The Maids - Revenge tragedy meets film noir in Jean Genet’s seductively playful and incendiary masterpiece. Housemaid sisters, Solange and Claire, spend their days dreaming of escape, while their bourgeois employer Madame floats through life on champagne bubbles - until fantasies turn deadly in this thrilling psychological kaleidoscope of a play. Set in a phantasmagoric world of masks and mirrors, ceremonies and sensuality, heightened language and beautiful gesture, The Maids is ritualistic exploration of class, the nature of identity, and the power of imagination.

Romeo and Juliet - Two teenagers set their love against the weight of the hate and violence of Verona.  Married in secret, they hope for some reprieve from their families ancient feud, but hope fails when new blood is spilled, and Romeo and Juliet find themselves alone against the world.  Their tragic end offers a new beginning and a cruel cure for the city’s unrest.

Stella Rising - This new musical play is sort of a Hawaiian-paradise-meets-The-Grapes-of-Wrath story of a mother and daughter reconciliation. Featuring an original jazz and classical score written and performed by Napua Davoy.

Teresa’s Ecstasy - Carlotta’s return to Barcelona has two purposes: a stopover on the way to Avila (where she is researching an article on St. Teresa), and the place she plans to serve her husband with divorce papers. Her husband’s efforts to rekindle their relationship are lost on her, as her research leads her to the mystical Teresa's Ecstasy. In the end, the play is a sexually charged look at politics, religion and ultimately love.

The Yeats Game - A farce about middle-age choices and their ridiculous consequences.  At a funeral, as two frisky couples contemplate a friend’s fatal, love-nest heart attack, they flash back to their own recent snowed-in weekend at a mountain cabin.  There, a board game designed for age-hating Boomers leads to tangled romance as the old friends explore love, lust, marriage and mischief.  Just as guilt prompts confession, and all things point to reform, maturity and reluctant virtue, the play’s close tells us that virtue is a weak motivator, immaturity has its advantages - and that the corpse is perhaps not so dead.

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