The Orchid Show: Jeff Leatham’s Kaleidoscope Opens This Saturday at NYBG

Journey inside a kaleidoscope of blossoms, this spring at the New York Botanical Garden. The annual Orchid Show is back for its 18th iteration with Kardashian-approved designer Jeff Leatham at the helm. The show will open to the public this Saturday, February 15, and close April 19.

Jeff Leatham Kaleidoscope New York Botanical Garden

Jeff Leatham has designed floral arrangements for famous figures from Oprah to the Dalai Lama the West/Kardashian/Jenner family (here’s Leatham’s design for their 2019 Christmas Eve party). Now he brings his decades of expertise—which include designs for the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris—to the New York Botanical Garden’s Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. He fashioned his take on the annual exhibition after a vivid kaleidoscope with an emphasis on color. “Color is the first and most important aspect of my work, always,” said Leatham in a press release. 

Expect plenty of mirroring and atmospheric lighting—perfect for your photo backdrops—in these kaleidoscope-inspired displays across several galleries at The Orchid Show. The first gallery will feature a large, mirrored orchid sculpture with a trellis of purple vanda orchids above it and a dramatic fountain beneath. Another display features orchids arching over a long reflecting pool, and a rainbow light tunnel will also feature in the show. A wide spectrum of orchid varieties will be on view, thanks to Leatham and NYBG specialists like Senior Curator of Orchids Marc Hachadourian. 

Throughout The Orchid Show, Orchid Evenings will infuse the galleries with some extra fun. At these events, you’ll see voguer Princess Lockeroo dancing, accompanied by music from Harold O’Neal, and get a chance to walk a very floral runway. Food from Bronx Night Market, as well as alcoholic beverages, will also be on hand. Dates recur Friday and Saturday evenings throughout March and April. 

See Jeff Leatham himself the morning of February 20. Leatham will appear in a “Floral Design Talk,” Q&A, and book signing at Ross Hall. His books include Flowers by Jeff Leatham, Flowers by Design, and Jeff Leatham: Visionary Floral Art and Design. 

Want to grow your own orchids? Visit New York Botanical Gardens on weekends throughout the run of The Orchid Show, and speak with NYBG staffers about the best orchids for your home. Orchids of many different varieties will be sold at the NYBG Shop. Orchid Care Demonstrations will occur on Sundays as well, educating you on how to keep your orchids fresh and vibrant. 

Visit the New York Botanical Garden at 200 Southern Boulevard. For tickets and more, call 718-817-8700 or visit




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