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This Week's Off-Broadway Openings: April 18, 2011-April 24, 2011

April 18, 2011 - by City Guide News Desk
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Black Watch - Gregory Burke’s celebrated play is a Scottish Army regiment's-eye view of the war in Iraq based on interviews the playwright conducted with soldiers who served, and hurtles from a pool hall in Fife to an armored wagon near Fallujah. It was the first piece of theater about the war to tell the story from the point of view of the soldiers, which it does via docudrama, video sequences, song, dance, panoramic historical sequences, an extraordinary sound score and in-the-moment acting.

Carson McCullers Talks About Love - Suzanne Vega performs the role of the iconic author Carson McCullers, reminiscing about her life, her loves and art. While explaining herself, McCullers wrestles with the demons that have intruded on her from the beginning of her life. Seamlessly moving between spoken word and song, Vega channels the resilient spirit of restless humor of McCullers in a way that reveals the meeting of two souls in a single work of art.

Julia - A touching and tender examination of a 50-year-old love lost and reclaimed. After years of self-exile in Detroit, Lou Perino returns to his hometown in Pennsylvania to right a wrong he committed half-a century earlier to Julia, the girl he loved. One, the Korean War stood in their way; now it’s something entirely different.

Lucky Guy - Welcome to Nashville - a town full of colorful characters all chasing after the very same dream: a smash hit record. To beat the odds and strike gold (or, better yet, platinum), it takes one great song, serious talent, or lots of luck - and preferably all three. Featuring an array of musical styles with salutes to Country, Broadway, Vaudeville, Bluegrass, Pop, and even Hawaiian, Lucky Guy weaves a tale of down-home dreamers and low-down schemers all willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top in the cut-throat world of Music City, USA.

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Set against a classical Athenian backdrop, this Shakespearean romantic comedy deals with the universal theme of love, and its attendant complications: passion, lust, frustration, depression, confusion, and, of course, marriage. The plot focuses on the trials and experiences of two sets of lovers, the Fairy King and Queen and their servants, and a group of rude mechanicals attempting to stage a production of "Pyramus and Thisbe" for the wedding of the Duke of Athens. At the heart of the story is the Fairy King's servant, the impish Puck, whose magic creates an endless supply of mirth, mistaken identity, and inappropriate, if not absolutely ludicrous passions.

The Morini Strad - Inspired by the true New York story of concert violinist Erica Morini and her legendary Stradivari violin, this play offers a delicate duet between Erica, a difficult and former child prodigy, and Brian, a stubbornly independent violin maker she hires to restore and then sell her beloved Strad. As Brian makes the arrangements, the question of what will become of the priceless instrument threatens to destroy their unexpected friendship. Through classical music and fiery confrontations, Brian and Erica must face the choices they've made about their music and their lives.

The Shaughraun - Against a background ripe with the intrigue of the secret Fenian Uprising in Ireland in 1866, Dion Boucicault, the undisputed master of melodrama, unravels his comic masterpiece. Desperate forbidden passions! Beautiful damsels in distress! Swashbuckling swordplay! Mustachioed villains! Lots of kissing, and a charismatic hero whose fiddle is the soul of every fair and the life of every funeral...also a dog. Caution: Gaelic spoken here!

Six Characters In Search Of An Author - Pirandello's surrealist play opens with a group of actors preparing to rehearse for a Pirandello play, but they are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of six nameless characters. They are looking for an author and are therefore unrealized and incomplete characters. In the age of virtual reality and reality TV, internet hoaxes and entertainment "news,” this play is amazingly vital and relevant while being both poignant and incredibly funny. What is the truth? Is my reality your reality? Is the distinction between reality and fiction an illusion?

Teeth of the Sons - The last time Sam saw his brother Jake, they were cruising the streets of Brooklyn as one another's ultimate wing man, the inseparable young sons of a Greek father and Jewish mother. Now Sam returns to Brooklyn after a long absence and no family contact, in need of refuge for his pregnant girlfriend and himself. Upon his arrival, he is startled to find the fun-loving Jake transformed into a born-again Hassidic scholar. The homecoming incites a clash of brotherhood, divided family loyalties, and a revelation that beyond a love for their ailing grandmother, perhaps all they really share is a past which at least one brother is desperately trying to bury.

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